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The Auburn Hills Breakdown from Geoff Redknap on Vimeo.


Junior, the fiercely loyal son of a backwoods cannibal family, struggles in terror against the creepy hospitality of a superficial yuppie couple.

Creative team

Writer/director: Geoff Redknap
Producer: Katie Weekley

About the creative team


Geoff Redknap

Geoff attended the NSI Drama course and the NSI Features First course. He also took his NSI Features First script, Heaven’s Door through SFU’s Praxis and had it place as a semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Geoff has directed several short films. His NSI Drama Prize film, The Auburn Hills Breakdown played in over 50 festivals worldwide and garnered several awards including best horror comedy at ComicCon. He won the CFC’s Screenplay Giveaway prize for his short film, Last Christmas which is currently playing festivals.

When he’ s not writing and directing, Geoff works on set as a special effects make-up artist and performer. He played the memorable role of ‘Mad March’ in SyFy’s Alice. He has also worked on projects like Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium and Zack Snyder’s Watchmen.

Katie Weekley

Katie got her start in the camera department before moving into producing. She produced The Auburn Hills Breakdown and Last Christmas with Geoff Redknap. She also produced the feature film Stained with Karen Lam (NSI Drama Prize) and the documentary The Man That Got Away with Trevor Anderson (NSI Drama Prize).

About the cast

John DeSantis / Junior


John is perhaps best known as Lurch in the 1998-1999 television production of The New Addams Family. Additionally, he was featured in the Peter Weir naval epic, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as well as The 13th Warrior. In 2004, DeSantis appeared in the NBC movie Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie’s Angels in a scene that recreated a fight between Steve Austin and Bigfoot. John has also appeared in such TV shows as Supernatural, Masters of Horror and Eureka. At 6’11″, John is Canada’s tallest actor.

Dan Payne / Dan


Dan is a man of great stature but, despite being built for sports, education has always ranked highly for Dan. His university sports career allowed him to travel Canada extensively. He has also travelled across Europe and Australia.

In Australia, Dan pursued his dream of acting. Beginning with stand-up comedy Dan then chose to go to London, which marked the start of the traditional agent and audition trail for Dan. While in the UK, Dan continued to study acting as well as perform on stage and in film. Dan realized that his unique size and accent were assets, and towards the end of his five years in London, found success which gave him the confidence and desire to return home to Canada.

Armed with a greater sense of self and some foreign film credits, he returned home to Vancouver, Canada. Dan has been cast in all sorts of supporting roles, on TV shows like The L-Word, Smallville and Whistler, but it wasn’t until his audition for the bumbling, embarrassing father in the BC-based series Alice, I Think that Dan got a leading role. Most recently, Dan has been cast as ‘Dollar Bill’ in the high profile film adaptation of Watchmen directed by Zack Snyder and will soon be a big part of Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods.

Linda Darlow / Ma


Linda got her start in the industry working as the utility stand-in on the long-running TV series, The Facts of Life. In season 3, she appeared on camera in her first credit as ‘Bernice, the Waitress’ (episode: Runaway). Linda soon moved to Vancouver where she has appeared as supporting cast in many TV shows shot in the Lower Mainland (DaVinci’s Inquest, Connie and Carla, The 4400, Supernatural).

Linda also extends her knowledge of the craft to teaching several workshops at School Creative for Actors.

Ingrid Torrance / Louise


Ingrid started acting in high school in North Vancouver. At first, she was too shy to audition for the drama productions but broke through this by taking modelling jobs. She took a break after high school but missed acting so much she came back to it and has filmed in France, the Czech Republic, Mexico, New York, Dallas, LA, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Illinois.

Ingrid has been cast all over the place, in shows like Smallville, John Doe, Dead Like Me and Fringe. She is the on-air spokesperson for NBCi’s new channel launch, and was named ‘Breakout Star’ by Entertainment Weekly magazine. On the set of The Auburn Hills Breakdown, project mentor Gary Harvey saw Ingrid and invited her to audition for a role on the CTV series Robson Arms. She got the part!

Cady Dyck / Girl 


Cady took an interest in acting at a young age and has had a few bit parts in local film and TV such as Psych, Young Blades and Dead Zone. She is currently in university and focusing on her studies before returning to acting.

Terence Lee / Shinpei


Terence got his start in the movie industry at age 13, doing stunt work, having studied martial arts since early childhood. He is currently in university studying business but is always keeping an eye out for interesting film projects.

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