And They Watched

Director: Vivian Lin ·

A horror morality tale about a custodian of an electric chair.


Director: Jamie Alain ·

A woman travels across the infinite multiverse all without leaving her living room.

Home Sweet Home

Director: Frédéric Lefebvre ·

A psychological horror movie about an elderly man trapped in a nightmarish labyrinth full of monsters.


Director: Jon Silverberg ·

On the day he plans to propose to his girlfriend, a man finds a fountain pen that causes objects to vanish.

Dinner Time

Director: Alexander Mainwaring ·

A bloodthirsty wolf-man is challenged by a not-so-innocent Little Red Riding Hood.

The Looking Glass

Director: Chad Costen ·

Alice flees the horrors of an apocalyptic wasteland and is confronted by a pair of monstrous conjoined twin brothers.


Director: Frank Forrestall ·

Jack and Jill are two lost souls trapped in a crumbling house on the edge of oblivion

Period Piece

Director: James McLellan ·

Renee is trying to create a film with a positive message. Unfortunately it may end up costing her her life.


Director: Jonathan Hyatt ·

A man searches for his lost wife. Did she pass on or has she gone missing?


Director: Rouzbeh Heydari ·

A mother’s will to save her child’s life is put to the test.

The Last Halloween

Director: Marc Roussel ·

A ghost, a devil, a grim reaper and a witch go trick-or-treating.

The King and Queen of Halloween

Director: Anna Maguire, Stuart Spears ·

When two teenage boys destroy a man’s meticulous pumpkin display, he decides to get his revenge.