Director: Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux ·

A music video for ‘Reservoir’ by PUP.

At the End

Director: A Black Helicopter ·

A music video for ‘At the End’ by A Black Helicopter.


Director: Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin  ·

Physical improvised contact with the subject of faithlessness illustrates the art of nuance and motion.

Lonely’s Lunch

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

In a near-future India, a rebel freedom fighter must evade a pursuing ever-present paramilitary force and deliver stolen technical plans.

Forgetful Assistance

Director: Michael Schmidt ·

Eight hands perform a highly choreographed “dance” with four iPhones.

I Could Be The One

Director: Peter Huang ·

A woman living a mundane life dreams of a very different existence.

Young Glass

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

A time-traveling, sci-fi love story where a lonely girl is transported back to a vibrant past full of life, love and danger.

Jeremy Lutter and Daniel Hogg release music video


The video, a pre-story to the NSI Drama Prize short Floodplain, is now on heavy rotation on MuchMoreMusic.

Party at Greg’s

Director: Nicholas Friesen ·

Greg’s little sister throws a party that gets out of hand in this animated music video.

The latest from Karen Lam


Karen Lam is one of our busiest alumna with several recently completed projects.

Bad Choices

Director: A.J. Bond & Chris von Szombathy ·

A music video for Shout Out Out Out Out.

Dancing in the Club

Director: Alek Rzeszowski ·

A short musical love story set in the bowels of a fictitious Berlin discotheque.