Director: Gordon Mihan ·

A young man tries to go about his day but constantly finds himself transported to a strange, otherworldly forest.


Director: Jeff Wheaton ·

A woman deciphers a message received in her dreams, sent by a colony of bees.

Across America

Director: Millefiore Clarkes ·

A lyrical journey through the shifting landscapes of America.


Director: Nobilis Bellator ·

A call for the protection of our night skies endangered by humans who make bad use of urban lighting.


Director: Erik Mockus ·

A short film about some people and the spaces they occupy.

Drawing Blank

Director: Stefan Verna ·

A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.

Tallurutiup Tariunga (Lancaster Sound)

Director: Christopher Paetkau ·

A retelling of part of the Inuit creation myth of Nuliajuk – goddess of the sea.

Absence Without Leave

Director: Lindsay George ·

A man finds his daily routine of getting ready for work numbing until he arrives in the boardroom.

When It Is Dark

Director: Kate Yorga ·

A woman is visited by the spirit of her sister during a mummering party in the early 1900s.


Director: Mehdi Nowroozi ·

A mannequin comes to life and begins a surreal journey.

Let Go

Director: Kaiss Manachou ·

Two souls wander inside the only place they can call home trying to reconnect and reconcile past with present.

The Dollhouse

Director: Chad Galloway, Heather Benning ·

The decommissioning of Heather Benning’s artwork The Dollhouse.