A Family

Director: Samuel Dayomi ·

A young boy must choose between parents as his family breaks apart.

The Mindless Imagination of Thomas Porter

Director: Justin Bromley ·

In a governmental experiment facility aimed at creating a society free of sadness and pain, two patients plot their escape.


Director: Joffre Faria Silva ·

Upon the conversion of one of its members to a radical Christian Church, a family spirals out of control and breaks apart.

My Younger Older Sister

Director: Leah Johnston ·

A young woman enters a crisis on the eve of her 19th birthday as she realizes she’s about to out-age her older sister who died at 18.

Past Time

Director: Petie Chalifoux ·

A story of love and its power to transcend time, space and even death.

A Bone to Pick With You

Director: Jonathan Audette ·

A man has difficulty with his roommates accepting a new knick-knack in the living room.


Director: Ryan Kayet ·

A traditional meeting descends into a tense confrontation around privilege, race and the power of words.

In My Heart

Director: Marcus Mullen ·

Inside a young man’s heart, manifestations of his past romantic failings fight to convince his newest flame that a relationship with him is a mistake.


Director: Eric Jean ·

A young woman brings us into her wild and fantastic world as she realizes her death is imminent.

Magic Mushrooms

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

An awkward teenage boy and his crush magically switch bodies after taking mushrooms.

Hue’s Theatre

Director: Derek Vanderwyk ·

10-year-old Hue uses microwave ovens to convert her treehouse into a radiation therapy café.

The Suitcase

Director: Philip Leung ·

A little girl uses her imagination to conquer the darkness during a turbulent journey inside a suitcase.