Director: Matthew Kowalchuk ·

Shelley and Stefan are trapped in a parkade and about to miss her sister’s wedding.

The Artisan

Director: Zlatina Pacheva ·

A man pursues his life’s ambition … in other people’s houses.

The Maltese Guinea Pig

Director: Luke Grandmont ·

When the grade four class pet goes missing, self-proclaimed sleuth Samuel Stapleton takes the case.

Ambiguous by Strapless

Director: Darren Borrowman ·

The ladies of Strapless Sketch Comedy ponder the nature of attraction and the slyness of the beauty industry in a very silly satire.

Mr. Richard Francis

Director: Tom Hackett ·

When Mr. Richard Francis tries to beat the system, the system beats him.

The Floaters

Director: Nick Wilson ·

A weekend at the cottage comes to a head when the mushrooms kick in and the truth comes out.


Director: Jillian Acreman ·

A peculiar take on legacy in the absence of coital reproduction.

Her Friend Adam

Director: Ben Petrie ·

A boyfriend’s jealous impulse spirals out of control in 16 minutes of romantic doom.

The Tour

Director: Jenina MacGillivray ·

A broken-hearted tour bus guide tells her tales of love and loss to some world weary travellers.


Director: Elizabeth Becker ·

Bartholomew attempts to find a girlfriend who shares his interest in disco music.

Never Better

Director: Lucie Guest ·

A closure comedy about navigating the waters of a break-up and the crazy things love makes us do.

Jew Girl #2

Director: Adam Singer ·

Jodie is an aspiring stage actress who will do whatever it takes to prove she’s more than just a background performer.