Up in a Plane

Director: Rachel Moore ·

A granddaughter’s grief is transformed by her imagination into an adventure of love and joy.

Le Gouffre (The Gulf)

Director: Lightning Boy Studio ·

Two travellers undertake the construction of a gigantic bridge to cross a gulf blocking their way.


Director: Kathleen Bergen ·

A hand-drawn and painted animation exploring mental illness through mythological imagery.

Old Man on a Bench with a Puppy

Director: Kelly Campbell ·

An old man sits on a bench with a puppy. A little girl feels good and also sad.


Director: Denver Jackson ·

A pivotal moment in the lives of two lovers as they face a great challenge.

Aghaye Past (Mr. Mean)

Director: Various ·

An artistic portrayal of a social parasite.

Hunger’s Core

Director: Christine Chung, Salwa Majoka ·

A poverty-stricken child struggles for food while surrounded by oblivious individuals in the midst of eating.

The River

Director: Leo Wieser ·

An irreverent animated short about what it’s like to have a really bad cold.

Le courant faible de la rivière (The River’s Lazy Flow)

Director: Joël Vaudreuil ·

A man reflects on an old memory.

The Big Lemming

Director: Mosha Folger ·

An owl meets his match.


Director: James Stewart ·

A stop-motion animation about fighting for what you believe in.


Director: Cindy Mochizuki ·

A conversation around monsters leads to the creation of an imaginary friend.