The Bakebook

Director: Suri Parmar ·

A modern-day animated fairytale in which a woman overcomes the disappearance of her lover through her passion for baking.

DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver

Director: Kjell Boersma ·

Join Kit the eager beaver on an odyssey through four seasons in a Canadian forest as she learns about compassion, failure, survival and community.

Maud Mary & the Titanic

Director: Geraldine Carr ·

A sweet, short film about a late, great lady who missed the boat and sailed into history.

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The Time Traveller’s Pantoum

Director: Daniel Scott Tysdal ·

An aging time traveller meditates upon his failures as he prepares to stop his younger self from ​​seeking to make the world a better place.


Director: Adolfo Ruiz ·

After quitting his job during an economic downturn, a young man gains a new perspective on life.

Seeker Wing

Director: Iris Moore ·

A person makes the long and difficulty journey towards finding their own beauty.

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Burning All the Past Away

Director: Doug Cook ·

Bandages, an old man haunted by his dark past, embarks on his journey towards forgiveness.

Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves

Director: Neil Christopher ·

Two brothers adrift on broken sea ice in a distant land.

Tea Time

Director: Guillaume Blanchet ·

Two tea bags flee to a better life.