A Late Thaw

Director: Kim Barr ·

When Tara’s boyfriend presents her with the perfect house, memories of a lover who died years ago seep into her waking life.

Come Back

Director: Hannah Anderson, Aidan Shipley ·

A young woman struggles to find closure after the sudden death of a beloved friend.

Esmerelda’s Castle

Director: Rachel Cairns, Sarah Hempinstall ·

A seemingly normal day at the office proves that things aren’t always as they seem when a cheeky smoke break turns into a dream.

Your Place or Mine

Director: Jessica Joy Wise ·

Annie and Danny meet at a bar, feel a spark and decide to go home together.


Director: Kevin Walker ·

A shy woman takes a chance on love on an internet scooter forum.


Director: Andrea Dunne ·

Caroline is craving affection in her relationship when she discovers a lump in her breast.

Black Guitar

Director: Devin Casario ·

Weathered troubadour Anton James goes through a 24-hour period of debauchery and self-destruction.


Director: Heather Young ·

A single mother navigates raising three young children while clinging to her fading relationship with their father.

Two Ladies

Director: Steffi Tupe ·

Two young waitresses go out on a Friday night after weeks of never-ending shifts.

Becoming Wigglesworth

Director: Bryan Kowalsky ·

David is unhappy with his job and decides to become who he’s always wanted to be.

We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes

Director: Israel Ekanem ·

A couple spend the day together and end it watching the clouds.


Director: Lina Roessler ·

A brother and sister try to make sense of their mother’s passing and their new home in Canada.