Kiss & Tell

Director: Jackie Hoffart ·

Eight vignettes about the resonance of romantic memories, tied to specific Vancouver streets.

How the Savage Came to Be

Director: Dinae Robinson ·

A short history of Canada’s Indian Residential School system and its legacy.

The Constant Refugee

Director: Patrick Barfoot, Leila Almawy ·

The story of Saifan Estefan – displaced due to the Iraqi War and Syrian Civil War and his harrowing experience with Turkey’s refugee crisis.


Director: Dustin Chok ·

A portrait of the modern Canadian trapper.

Before She’s Gone …

Director: Arun Fryer ·

A portrait of Alzheimer’s disease patient Shirley and her carer, husband Stan.

The Spirit of Social Change

Director: Tendisai Cromwell ·

Two activists explore their evolving relationship to spirituality.

kiskisiwin | remembering

Director: Martha Stiegman, Jesse Thistle ·

A jingle dress dancer, an 1850s blacksmith and a troop of defiant urban Indians assert Toronto as Indigenous territory.

Only One

Director: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor ·

A woman with a turbulent past confronts the fact that she is the only visible transgender person living in a remote region of the Canadian Rockies.

This Is Not A Passport Photo

Director: Stephanie Simpson ·

Follow Canadian photographer Stephanie Simpson as she takes family photos for resettled refugees.

Finding the AJ Goddard

Director: Jesse Davidge ·

A team of amateur and professional underwater archaeologists tell the story of discovering a sunken steamship.

Beneath the Surface

Director: Frederick Kroetsch, Kurt Spenrath ·

Daniel Ennett attempts to become the first scuba certified quadruple amputee.

Tiny Tracks

Director: Naomi Hocura ·

Hilda Walsh has a small city in her Toronto basement.