Suzanne Gauthier: One Thing Leads to Another

Director: Ariella Pahlke ·

The life and work of artist Suzanne Gauthier as a poetic narrative, mirroring the artist’s own process.

Babe, I Hate To Go

Director: Andrew Moir ·

An intimate observational documentary about a Jamaican migrant worker struggling with a cancer diagnosis.


Director: Rami Katz ·

A woman, forced to leave her home in Syria, contemplates a new life in Canada.

Live On

Director: Jessica Hirtle, Delaney MacKay ·

After losing her teenage daughter to an accidental opioid overdose, a mother undertakes a mission to ensure her memory lives on.

That Mennonite Joke

Director: Orlando Braun ·

Comedian Matt Falk goes on a hilarious walkabout through his Mennonite heritage.

Follow the Rock

Director: Jamaine Campbell ·

The sights, sounds and excitement of the Prince Rupert All Native Basketball Tournament.


Director: Janice Zolf ·

A behind-the-scenes look at MU, Montreal’s mural art phenomenon, told through the eyes of five magnetic artists.

The Wexford

Director: Michael Barry ·

For generations, The Wexford Restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere, hot coffee, and freshly-squeezed OJ has ensured its position as the cornerstone of the local community.

The Oasis Affair

Director: Heidi Lasi ·

A woman’s life is radically changed when she is sued by a giant manufacturer and is engaged in a David and Goliath legal battle over her company’s name.

Performance and Place – Modern

Director: Nate Bower ·

Teenage ballet dancers journey through gruelling rehearsals and training to perfect their original modern dance.

Under the Radar

Director: Erin Cumming ·

An upstart team of Canadian engineers race against NASA to see who will produce the first digitally processed radar image of earth from space.

Invisible City

Director: Desiree Wallace ·

Post-secondary students living in the third least affordable city in the world, Vancouver, are being forced into homelessness.