Salome V.

Director: Frieda Luk ·

A former radical dancer tries to run away from her past.

Death Wish

Director: Chad Costen ·

Death touches a little girl’s soul by granting her fondest wish on Christmas Eve.

El Otro Lado De La Pasión

Director: Jesse Lupini ·

Rodolfo Ignacio’s green card marriage is in danger because he thinks he’s a telenovela character. The worst part? It’s contagious.

Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies

Director: Maria Sant'Angelo ·

A day in the life of an abused woman.

The United Guys Network

Director: Tabatha Golat ·

Loving newlywed husband Paul Seger is making the other guys in the neighbourhood look bad.


Director: Aris Athanasopoulos ·

A couple confront their uncertainty and fears about being together … while on a designer psychedelic drug.

Jeremy and Margot Make a Baby

Director: Daniel Beirne ·

Jeremy and his boyfriend Cruz want to have a baby. Their friend, who may or may not be in love with Jeremy, is going to be their surrogate. What could possibly go wrong?

Farm is a Four-Letter Word

Director: Ryan Couldrey ·

When a TV documentary crew visits The MacIntyre Farm for a story on a floundering industry, they discover a couple at the end of their rope with no f–ks left to give. [LANGUAGE WARNING]

It’s All in Your Head

Director: Greg Jeffs ·

A bedtime story about the monster in the closet.

Grocery Store Action Movie

Director: Matthew Campbell ·

Alex is in the express checkout lane when he realizes with horror he’s forgotten the all-important crackers.


Director: Patrick Aubert ·

Caroline is willing to do anything to please Francis.


Director: Reni Walker, Sydney Tam ·

When strange things start happening in his apartment, a young man reaches out to a psychic.