Those Unattended

, 6:11, English, 2014
Director: Brian Garvey
Those Unattended


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). New films are featured every week.



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Director: Chris Baker ·

A short film about falling out of love.

Good Luck Have Fun: A Canadian eSports Story

Director: Gavin Seal ·

A look at the world of competitive video gaming.

The Proposal

Director: Geordie Sabbagh ·

Jack and Sara are armed for their first date.



Director: Alessandra Jennifer Ross ·

A young girl prepares for her birthday party.


Director: Léa Clermont-Dion ·

Sandra is a young woman ready for anything.


Director: James Stewart ·

A stop-motion animation about fighting for what you believe in.


Director: Cindy Mochizuki ·

A conversation around monsters leads to the creation of an imaginary friend.

Honey for Sale

Director: Amanda Strong ·

A poetic approach to the fragility of the disappearing honey bees.

Lost in the Sky

Director: Matt Landry ·

A teenage introvert uses a simulation program to live out a promise.

The Weaver’s Circle

Director: Martin Borden ·

A portrait of environmental artist Sharon Kallis.

Figs in Motion

Director: Trevor Anderson ·

Two men become six ballerinas and several horses in a bestial, impromptu corps de ballet.

Early Out

Director: Mehdi Nowroozi ·

A glimpse into the fragmented life and mind of Jesse Kaellis as he takes us through his autobiography.

Hunt for the Mad Trapper

Director: Kaio Kathriner ·

A northern small town family embarks on a manhunt to avenge the death of one of their own.

Cry Rock

Director: Banchi Hanuse ·

The beauty of Bella Coola blends with watercolour animation to illuminate the role of the Nuxalk oral tradition.

Half a Pantaloon

Director: Pazit Cahlon, Hector Herrera ·

A short PSA on the perils of wearing shorts.

La Femme de Bahia (The Woman from Bahia)

Director: Kamir Méridja ·

A janitor with an unusual habit gets caught at his own game by a mysterious woman.

Foam Drive Renegades

Director: Adam DeViller ·

A gang of petty criminals enlists the help of an irrational acquaintance to pull off a robbery.

Golden Mean

Director: Ryan W. Smith ·

A mysterious light arrives between a man and his neighbour’s door, leading to a one-way rivalry.


Director: Amanda Row ·

An elderly man finds a lost mitten and begins a paranoid search for its owner.


Director: JD. Taylor ·

An explosion of alien colours and sound.

Tout le monde déguste

Director: Eric Reynard ·

A waitress and a chef get ready to close their restaurant for the night.


Director: Sharron Mirsky ·

A city is transformed when the lights go out on its residents for several days.

Sit Boy Sit

Director: Julian Papas, Jesse Wyatt ·

The night takes an unexpected turn for two high school friends.

Livsforkortelses Ekspert (Life Ending Specialist)

Director: James Barclay ·

A contract killer receives some unusual advice to help his insomnia.

Sweetness Follows

Director: Christopher O'Brien ·

After being released, a convicted child molester is confronted by his victim.

Soft Cycle

Director: Julian Papas ·

Emily meets Ian on her way home one night.


Director: Nika Belianina ·

An elderly lady masks the harsh reality of living with an abusive son.