The Golden Ticket

, 9:12, English, 2013
Director: Patrick Hagarty
The Golden Ticket


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). New films featured every week.



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Ms. Thing

Director: Karen X. Tulchinsky ·

An emotionally volatile urban lesbian is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Because We’re Men

Director: Various ·

A young girl learns why men never ask for directions.


Director: Matt Walker ·

In a high school bathroom, a student’s secret ritual is interrupted by her classmate.



Director: Collin Friesen ·

A clueless boyfriend and a desperate woman with a positive home pregnancy test indulge in a game of cat and mouse.

Aghaye Past (Mr. Mean)

Director: Various ·

An artistic portrayal of a social parasite.

Garbage Day

Director: Brooks Gray ·

Brad White was fed up with his life, so he trashed it.


Director: Ryan J. Sheridan ·

After the fall of civilization, a woman must live out her days alone in the wilderness.

Hunger’s Core

Director: Christine Chung, Salwa Majoka ·

A poverty-stricken child struggles for food while surrounded by oblivious individuals in the midst of eating.

Pine Pinchers

Director: Hunter R. Hennigar ·

Two grave robbers exhume corpses for riches while tiptoeing around the moral ambiguity of their trade.

Teenage Dance

Director: Adam Bentley ·

A boy and a girl get ready for their school dance.


Director: Mehdi Nowroozi ·

A mannequin comes to life and begins a surreal journey.

Period Piece

Director: James McLellan ·

Renee is trying to create a film with a positive message. Unfortunately it may end up costing her her life.


Director: Tyler Parr ·

A normal guy wakes up late for work and goes through an unfortunate series of events.

Free the Pain

Director: Various ·

A magician struggles with the absence of his beloved.

Ink: Written By Hand

Director: Ryan Couldrey ·

Follow one artist’s growing obsession with handwriting, an art form that’s all but lost to an entire generation.

Chili & Cheese: A Condimental Rift

Director: Joe Pingue ·

A convenience store employee tackles a late-night customer’s overzealous desire for the store’s complimentary condiment.


Director: Joel Salaysay ·

A dishwasher observes his eclectic group of co-workers and contemplates the nightmarish prospect of making a life in the kitchen.

Home Away

Director: Hannah Yohannes ·

A pregnant girl desperately looks for a home after her family disowns her.


Director: Kevin Doherty ·

Ten-year-old Alan won’t give up searching for his lost dog and accidentally finds someone else’s in the process.


Director: Jonathan Hyatt ·

A man searches for his lost wife. Did she pass on or has she gone missing?

The River

Director: Leo Wieser ·

An irreverent animated short about what it’s like to have a really bad cold.

Blood In

Director: Nathan Hughes-Berry ·

Nikki is a young woman desperate to join ‘The Guards,’ an infamous all-female gang.

Suivre la piste du renard (Follow the Fox)

Director: Simon Laganière ·

Two cousins team up to raise money for their ailing grandfather.

Entre chien et loup (Spare Change)

Director: Daniel Isaiah Schachter ·

Sophie and Dave, old college friends, run into each other downtown.

Love Oblivion by Hearing Trees

Director: Amy Simoes ·

A breakfast band-jam takes an unexpected twist when retro toys come to life.

Alice by Synthcake

Director: Ian Macdonald ·

Alice revisits the imaginary world of her childhood and finds that it’s not quite how she remembers it.

Le courant faible de la rivière (The River’s Lazy Flow)

Director: Joël Vaudreuil ·

A man reflects on an old memory.