Mountain in Thailand

, 9:35, English, 2015
Director: Duncan McDowall


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). New films added every week.

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The Island

Director: Trevor Kristjanson, Kev Tabachnick ·

A young couple embark on a journey to a mysterious Island to save their troubled relationship.

And Him

Director: Colin Waugh ·

The story of a second son, the ‘creative’ one.

My Coffee With Jim

Director: Taras Lavren ·

There are bad first dates, and then there’s Jan and Jim.


Wendy 1968

Director: Chad Costen, John Prowse ·

A hippy girl, an old soldier, and a secret.

The Woman in White

Director: Ross Moore ·

A grown man and a young girl compare sibling rivalries in a playground one winter afternoon.

One Night in Aberdeen

Director: Brett Ferster ·

On the eve of a massive change, two kindred strangers cross paths at a Super 8 motel bar.

Le carnivore

Director: Michael Treder ·

A young woman is caught between the love of her life and the terrifying horrors that exist in her world.

Tallurutiup Tariunga (Lancaster Sound)

Director: Christopher Paetkau ·

A retelling of part of the Inuit creation myth of Nuliajuk – goddess of the sea.

Kanada Girl

Director: Rebecca Campbell ·

After recovering from a gunshot wound, Kanada Girl attempts to reclaim her title in the world of cowboy action shooting.

Bat Boy

Director: Kheaven Lewandowski ·

The origin story of Bat Boy, and how his infamous photo in the Weekly World News came to be.


Director: Ian Macmillan ·

A young woman pushes herself through a strenuous yoga class.


Director: Cody Bown ·

Alexander gets hit with a migraine while making breakfast, leaving him to confront things that haunt his everyday existence.


Director: Latonia Hartery ·

A nurse becomes fascinated with a teenage patient who is struggling to deal with the death of her parents.


Director: Simone Stock ·

Marshall worries his girlfriend Iris, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, might be losing her grip on reality.

Onto Us

Director: Natty Zavitz ·

A young woman struggles with her relationship to another couple’s relationship.


Director: Johnathan Sousa ·

A mourning pre-teen girl reconnects with her father.

An Islander By Choice

Director: Jenna MacMillan ·

After a personal tragedy, Janet Ogilvie moved to Birchill, PEI, to run an alpaca farm.

Waiting 4 Goliath

Director: Cal Garingan ·

Florian had a date with Mr. Wonderful. Until his ex showed up.

Through the Trees

Director: Andrés Ignacio Torres ·

Artist Madison sets off on an unexpected adventure that changes and inspires her.

Glory River

Director: Blake McWilliam ·

The struggle of a young man to play the game he loves against the incredible odds of an abusive mother and a town obsessed with winning.


Director: Sarah Deakins ·

A woman struggles to make a last connection with her seemingly catatonic mother.


Director: Angus McLellan ·

Arthur is recently deceased. With the help of a doctor, and friends, Arthur travels to his final resting place.

The Agony of Obsolescence

Director: Meysam Motazedi ·

A battle of wills threatens to thwart the conservative views of a single father who’s held on to his archaic ways for far too long.

Nervous Poo

Director: Nina Reed ·

Moments before her blind date is scheduled to arrive, nervousness lands Jane on the toilet, with no toilet paper.

Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story

Director: Matthew Kowalchuk ·

A woman who can’t say no learns a lesson about love from a ragamuffin group of bed bugs.

Pute No. 2 (Bitch No. 2)

Director: Juliette Gosselin ·

Victoria, a hopeful young actress, prepares meticulously for the hearing of an unnamed character.


Director: Frances Koncan ·

Growing up in a mixed-race family, all Dora ever wanted was to be just like everybody else.