, 12:34, English, 2013
Director: Madison Thomas


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). New films are programmed every week.

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Around the Bend

Director: Tammy Bentz ·

A customer clashes with a video store clerk.


Director: Shannon Kohli ·

A short film composed entirely from quotes found in public washrooms.

How to Keep Your Day Job

Director: Sean Frewer ·

A story about survival and empowerment.



Director: Adam Goldhammer ·

After their parents are killed in a car accident, Kelly struggles to take care of her brother Jesse who has autism.

Traditional Healing

Director: Raymond Caplin ·

A young woman dances in a devastated forest.

Mon oncle Antoine

Director: Délia Gunn, Gracy Brazeau ·

Délia imagines what her elderly uncle would say before parting.

The Tape

Director: Matt Sadowski ·

A man tries to watch something on VHS tape.


Director: Myles Milne ·

Two sisters struggle with the recent death of their mother in completely different ways.


Director: Angus Swantee ·

A comedy/horror about a sociopathic murderer who doesn’t seem to be particularly good at his job.


Director: Dusty Mancinelli ·

An unhappily married woman finds herself in a sticky situation.


Director: Jared MacGougan ·

A man jeopardizes his own life while trying to uncover a dark secret kept by his landlord.

Après la nuit

Director: Guillaume Collin ·

A woman ventures back into her memories.

The Standoff

Director: John Alden Milne ·

A couple argues over a forgotten sandwich.

Chance Encounters

Director: Justin Colautti ·

A married couple who work as train drivers both have to deal with a suicide on the job.

In a While

Director: Jenna MacMillan ·

A man checks in on his aging grandfather and makes an unexpected discovery.

For God and Ulster

Director: Gregory Breen ·

A former terrorist confesses his darkest secret, hoping to find redemption.

Manfred and the Waiting Room

Director: Joel Breitman ·

A man is thrown into a bizarre power struggle with a sociopath.

Paddy’s Paradise

Director: Alex Masterton ·

A lonely homeless man finds his calling by living in a telephone box.

The Green Cardigan

Director: Matt West ·

An elderly widower descends into dementia.


Director: Philip Riccio ·

A story about rebirth and the reincarnation of love.


Director: Michael Clowater ·

A man wakes up in the middle of the night to investigate a sound outside his bedroom.