Frame 394

, 29:50, English, 2016
Director: Rich Williamson


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television badge



Director: Christopher Markowsky ·

After months trying to get his wife pregnant, Bill finds that doing his business is suddenly everybody’s business.

Burning All the Past Away

Director: Doug Cook ·

Bandages, an old man haunted by his dark past, embarks on his journey towards forgiveness.

Bill’s Birthday Bash

Director: E.M. Walker ·

As we get older we realize birthdays suck. This one is no different.



Director: Lauren Belanger ·

A young boy tries to bring his dead lizard back to life.

The Day Santa Didn’t Come

Director: Ryan Keller ·

In the final days before Christmas, eight-year-old Curtis is concerned about his status on Santa’s list.

A Perfect Vacuum

Director: Becca Johanson ·

Four walls and an abusive owner stand between a tiny robot and its quest for adventure.


Director: Kristina Mileska ·

A young girl’s fantasy adventure with her grandfather allows her to come to terms with his illness.

90 Days

Director: Timothy Yeung ·

On a Chinese girl’s first night in Hong Kong, she is brought into the world of prostitution while trying to make a single phone call.


Director: Glenn Diehl ·

After turning a blind eye to workplace abuse, Carsten must take action to defend a weaker co-worker from their malicious boss, Ronni.

Bosco’s Guitar

Director: Matt Handy ·

Bosco, a young musician orphaned in the Burundian genocide, is taken in by a member of the group responsible for the death of his mother.

Nick and the Slingshot

Director: Vincent Kuan Lin ·

A young boy’s excitement about his first DIY slingshot soon leads to regret.

On Wednesdays We Dance

Director: Gayle Ye ·

A look at the Wheel Dance community which provides dance classes to individuals with ambulatory disabilities and their able-bodied friends, family and community members.

I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!

Director: Charlie Tyrell ·

A short doc about underground comic book icon, Reid Fleming, the world’s toughest milkman.


Director: Kathleen S. Jayme ·

When Kevin learns that his first love is moving he decides to run away with her so they can be together.


Director: Millefiore Clarkes ·

An isolated woman has a chance meeting with a solitary man sparking hope for the future.

Swim Low

Director: Amanda Ann-Min Wong ·

A young girl is forced to come to terms with her past when she ventures into the afterlife.

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball

Director: Drew Taylor, Matthew Taylor ·

Ron Taylor retired from an 11-year career as a major league pitcher to go back to school and become a physician.


Director: Jeff Wheaton ·

A woman deciphers a message received in her dreams, sent by a colony of bees.

Across America

Director: Millefiore Clarkes ·

A lyrical journey through the shifting landscapes of America.


Director: Nobilis Bellator ·

A call for the protection of our night skies endangered by humans who make bad use of urban lighting.

No Breath Play

Director: Stacey Ashworth ·

A woman struggles to free herself when an experiment with BDSM leaves her bound and alone in her home.

Taxidermy is Goodbye

Director: Vuk Dragojevic ·

Manuel Jan owns the last working taxidermy shop in Toronto.

Virtual Hitman

Director: Phil Borg ·

A father hires an online hitman to kill his daughter’s video game character, hoping to steer her away from becoming a professional gamer.

The Vehicle

Director: O. Corbin Saleken ·

A man tries to convince a woman that they have a future together.


Director: Haya Waseem ·

After moving to the city Alyssa finds herself inexplicably drawn to her neighbour Chloe.

Claire’s Birthday

Director: Patrick T. Lo ·

Early-twentysomething Claire celebrates her birthday … alone at home.

Happy Endings

Director: Hannes Thor Arason ·

After falling in love with an erotic masseuse, a lonely parking-booth attendant must step out of his comfort zone to liberate her from an oppressive boss.