Yuri on the Phone

, 6:06, English, 2015
Director: René Nuijens, Steve Korver
Yuri on the Phone


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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The Dishwasher

Director: Matt David Johnson ·

A dishwasher’s dream of becoming a professional chef takes a step closer to reality when an unlikely alliance is forged with a local streetwalker.


Director: Jamie Alain ·

A woman travels across the infinite multiverse all without leaving her living room.

The Goodbye Girl

Director: Amber Ripley ·

A surreal tale about a lonely reaper who has a chance to make a true connection when a neglected young boy takes an interest in her.



Director: Larica Perera ·

An introspective look into a relationship between a woman struggling with depression, and the unfailing husband who seeks to draw her out of her latest breakdown.


Director: Nick Genova, Aidan Johnston ·

Eggnog lasts one month for most of us, but for artisan Donny Burston, the tradition runs all year.

False Allegory

Director: Greg Doble ·

An animated landscape brought to life by the music of Woulg.

Oh Baby

Director: Joe Cobden ·

The parents from their baby’s point of view.

Bricks and Mortar

Director: Stephen J. Payne ·

A teacher and his Aboriginal students build a school in the north end of Winnipeg, and in the process re-build their lives.

Last Patrol

Director: Luke Toye ·

Two German soldiers with differing ideals patrol a small town in occupied France during World War II.

The Trap

Director: Adam Estey ·

Audrey’s had enough of her abusive, low-life criminal husband so she’s getting out, but it won’t be easy…


Director: Kheaven Lewandowski ·

A modern-day odyssey of a Japanese male escort and how a violent night sets in motion a journey back to his childhood roots.


Director: Bashi Kasawneh ·

A boy discovers that a refugee is occupying his habitat and stealing from ‘his’ dumpster.

Up in a Plane

Director: Rachel Moore ·

A granddaughter’s grief is transformed by her imagination into an adventure of love and joy.

Home Sweet Home

Director: Frédéric Lefebvre ·

A psychological horror movie about an elderly man trapped in a nightmarish labyrinth full of monsters.

Milk & Honey

Director: Thomas Pepper ·

On a cult compound hidden in the hills, a young woman is given a simple task: go into town to buy supplies.

Le Gouffre (The Gulf)

Director: Lightning Boy Studio ·

Two travellers undertake the construction of a gigantic bridge to cross a gulf blocking their way.


Director: Erik Mockus ·

A short film about some people and the spaces they occupy.

Drawing Blank

Director: Stefan Verna ·

A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.

Vive La Canadienne

Director: Joe Cobden ·

The man holds the purse while the woman beats up the bullies.


Director: Melanie Oates ·

Tommy volunteers to be Amelia’s bait boyfriend, but it’s not so clear who the bait really is and who they’re actually trying to catch.

Some Things Won’t Sleep

Director: Leah Johnston ·

A woman’s attempt to bury her past becomes literally unearthed.

Anne Darling

Director: Norman Yeung ·

A young writer tries to escape depression by having sex with a stranger who reminds him of his mother.


Director: Kathleen Bergen ·

A hand-drawn and painted animation exploring mental illness through mythological imagery.

Wendy 1968

Director: Chad Costen, John Prowse ·

A hippy girl, an old soldier, and a secret.

The Woman in White

Director: Ross Moore ·

A grown man and a young girl compare sibling rivalries in a playground one winter afternoon.

The Island

Director: Trevor Kristjanson, Kev Tabachnick ·

A young couple embark on a journey to a mysterious Island to save their troubled relationship.

And Him

Director: Colin Waugh ·

The story of a second son, the ‘creative’ one.