Installing …

, 4:51, English, 2014
Director: Janet Lee Rose
Installing short film


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). New films are programmed every week.



Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television badge


Day to Day: Stories of Winnipeg’s Working Poor

Director: Danielle Da Silva ·

Three people with stories of struggle hope to break out of Manitoba’s welfare system.

Sleepy Stories

Director: Andrew Rowe ·

An insomniac tries a service that sends you to sleep.

House for Sale

Director: Eisha Marjara ·

A stranger shows up at a suburban house that’s for sale, but not to buy the house.


Danser à Montréal (Dancing in Montréal)

Director: Élisabeth Desbiens ·

Ten dancers in 10 different locations help us discover underground Montréal.

Danser à Paris (Dancing in Paris)

Director: Élisabeth Desbiens ·

Ten dancers in 10 different locations help us discover underground Paris.

Ma boîte noire (My Black Box)

Director: Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay ·

Rap and freestyle have helped Jocelyn Bruno, aka Dramatik, overcome his lifelong stammer.

Marshall Law

Director: Matt Sadowski ·

A pair of small-town cops struggle to raise their family, work their jobs and stay married.

They Wore Pink

Director: Terry Miles ·

Nothing is as it appears when a young woman meets a young man at a wedding.

Life and Death of Yul Brynner

Director: Jean-Marc E. Roy ·

After returning from vacation, a man must face some bad news.

What Comes Between

Director: Cecilia Araneda ·

An examination of personal memory and loss.

A Man is Nothing

Director: Ira Lee Gathers ·

An experimental performance installation by Ira Lee.


Director: Ira Lee Gathers ·

An ugly, insignificant young girl curled up in the corner of her bed, and a monster that makes emptiness.

Ceramic Tango

Director: Patricia Chica ·

A stealthy killer waylays and torments a young man who has hit emotional rock bottom.

Plastic Bottles

Director: Jon Ornoy ·

An exploration of modern consumer culture.

The Worst Day Ever

Director: Sophie Jarvis ·

A little boy has a bad day in an unfair world.

Deep End

Director: Bretten Hannam ·

After learning his older brother is gay, a young boy spends his day at the community pool in reflection.

The World is Burning

Director: Justin Oakey ·

A young man returns to rural Newfoundland after tragedy strikes.

Der Kandidat (The Candidate)

Director: Yosef Baraki ·

A mother tries to save her polio-stricken son from Nazi eugenics during an interrogation with an SS official.


Director: David Findlay ·

A university student is tested for STIs and HIV/AIDS.


Director: Cody Bown ·

At the advice of her mother, a troubled teenager agrees to host a graduation party.


Director: Thirza Cuthand ·

This experimental short explores how any of us could lose any of our abilities at any time.


Director: Nicholaus Hillier, Nick Lacelle ·

After a botched sting operation, an undercover cop finds himself in the middle of a wild getaway.

Up and Down

Director: Jason Karman ·

Trying to get the attention of a boy at school, Emily practices his hobby of yo-yo(ing).


Director: Caitriona Cantillon ·

A film about Toronto’s 504 King street car and the window it gives on the city.

Bullet in the Head

Director: John Ainslie ·

A woman is found in the street with a bullet in her head. Her estranged husband is arrested and accused.

Today I Will Tell Her

Director: Jon Murray ·

A guy plans to tell his friend that he likes her more than a friend.

Elijah the Prophet

Director: James Cooper ·

Elijah, the pious, beloved and drunk Jewish prophet, finds himself in trouble with the law.