, 11:33, English, 2016
Director: Heather Young
Fish short film


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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Salome V.

Director: Frieda Luk ·

A former radical dancer tries to run away from her past.


Director: Andrea Dunne ·

Caroline is craving affection in her relationship when she discovers a lump in her breast.

Black Guitar

Director: Devin Casario ·

Weathered troubadour Anton James goes through a 24-hour period of debauchery and self-destruction.


Suzanne Gauthier: One Thing Leads to Another

Director: Ariella Pahlke ·

The life and work of artist Suzanne Gauthier as a poetic narrative, mirroring the artist’s own process.

Death Wish

Director: Chad Costen ·

Death touches a little girl’s soul by granting her fondest wish on Christmas Eve.

El Otro Lado De La Pasión

Director: Jesse Lupini ·

Rodolfo Ignacio’s green card marriage is in danger because he thinks he’s a telenovela character. The worst part? It’s contagious.

Two Ladies

Director: Steffi Tupe ·

Two young waitresses go out on a Friday night after weeks of never-ending shifts.

Becoming Wigglesworth

Director: Bryan Kowalsky ·

David is unhappy with his job and decides to become who he’s always wanted to be.


Director: John Graham ·

A hypnotic dance of transformation in a metaphorical forest.

Babe, I Hate To Go

Director: Andrew Moir ·

An intimate observational documentary about a Jamaican migrant worker struggling with a cancer diagnosis.

Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies

Director: Maria Sant'Angelo ·

A day in the life of an abused woman.

We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes

Director: Israel Ekanem ·

A couple spend the day together and end it watching the clouds.


Director: Lina Roessler ·

A brother and sister try to make sense of their mother’s passing and their new home in Canada.

The United Guys Network

Director: Tabatha Golat ·

Loving newlywed husband Paul Seger is making the other guys in the neighbourhood look bad.

Green Light

Director: Bunthivy Nou ·

An obsessive runner must confront his first love to save his relationship with his girlfriend.

Easy Girl

Director: Katie McMillan, Adam Goldhammer ·

A young woman struggling to come to terms with a traumatic sexual experience finds herself in competition with her roommate over the same man. [CONTENT WARNING]

A Family

Director: Samuel Dayomi ·

A young boy must choose between parents as his family breaks apart.


Director: Rami Katz ·

A woman, forced to leave her home in Syria, contemplates a new life in Canada.


Director: Aris Athanasopoulos ·

A couple confront their uncertainty and fears about being together … while on a designer psychedelic drug.

Live On

Director: Jessica Hirtle, Delaney MacKay ·

After losing her teenage daughter to an accidental opioid overdose, a mother undertakes a mission to ensure her memory lives on.

Jeremy and Margot Make a Baby

Director: Daniel Beirne ·

Jeremy and his boyfriend Cruz want to have a baby. Their friend, who may or may not be in love with Jeremy, is going to be their surrogate. What could possibly go wrong?

The Mindless Imagination of Thomas Porter

Director: Justin Bromley ·

In a governmental experiment facility aimed at creating a society free of sadness and pain, two patients plot their escape.

Farm is a Four-Letter Word

Director: Ryan Couldrey ·

When a TV documentary crew visits The MacIntyre Farm for a story on a floundering industry, they discover a couple at the end of their rope with no f–ks left to give. [LANGUAGE WARNING]


Director: Joffre Faria Silva ·

Upon the conversion of one of its members to a radical Christian Church, a family spirals out of control and breaks apart.

It’s All in Your Head

Director: Greg Jeffs ·

A bedtime story about the monster in the closet.


Director: Spencer Ryerson ·

Following a violent incident, a young woman isolates herself in a cottage hoping to find peace.

My Younger Older Sister

Director: Leah Johnston ·

A young woman enters a crisis on the eve of her 19th birthday as she realizes she’s about to out-age her older sister who died at 18.