Leaving Turtleford

, 19:44, English, 2017
Director: Ron Kennell
Leaving Turtleford


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television badge



Director: David Lester ·

A dysfunctional night with his girlfriend challenges Jay to evaluate whether the rewards of intimacy and commitment are worth the baggage.

The Things I Couldn’t Say

Director: Zlatina Pacheva ·

When Zoe and Chris find themselves alone at a party, all they can seem to talk about is their most recent failed relationships.

It Was Sunny the Day I Killed Her

Director: Kenneth J. Harvey ·

A woman falls in love with a perverse, manipulative man who nurtures the deviance in her, until she is jilted and seeks revenge.


The Talent Scout

Director: Anita Abbasi, Martin Baena ·

A waitress stuck in a dead-end job meets a travelling talent agent looking for Hollywood’s next big star.

The Constant Refugee

Director: Patrick Barfoot, Leila Almawy ·

The story of Saifan Estefan – displaced due to the Iraqi War and Syrian Civil War and his harrowing experience with Turkey’s refugee crisis.

Sound Asleep

Director: Aisling Chin-Yee ·

On Declan’s sixth birthday, his baby brother dies of sudden infant death syndrome. He’s left wondering if he will suffer the same fate.


Director: Dustin Chok ·

A portrait of the modern Canadian trapper.

Before She’s Gone …

Director: Arun Fryer ·

A portrait of Alzheimer’s disease patient Shirley and her carer, husband Stan.

Black Rock or Bust

Director: Brendan Brady ·

Three friends on a road trip from Toronto to Burning Man must band together and overcome their beat-up old car.

Be With You

Director: Evan Yifan Ning ·

A son tries to get his father back from the retirement home after he realizes how important his father is to him and his family.

Hello Quinn

Director: Daelan Wood ·

A young boy left home alone gets an unwanted visitor.

The Spirit of Social Change

Director: Tendisai Cromwell ·

Two activists explore their evolving relationship to spirituality.

Meter Maid

Director: Aaron Setton ·

A delusional, self-appointed meter maid and his grumpy neighbour go to war over homemade parking tickets.


Director: Daniel Boos ·

When a group of foreign workers appear at his brother’s sawmill, a struggling shopkeeper must face a troubling decision.


Director: Adolfo Ruiz ·

After quitting his job during an economic downturn, a young man gains a new perspective on life.

Hop the Twig

Director: Kyle Rideout ·

When little Audrey’s potted plant dies, the tot’s deepest fears take over her wildly growing imagination.

Sad Bear

Director: Various ·

Sad Bear travels the world to collect people’s saddest objects to help them process past regrets.

10 Years Before Happiness

Director: Murray Toews ·

A man is compelled to travel into his own mind after the delivery of a mysterious black book and confront his demons.

Only One

Director: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor ·

A woman with a turbulent past confronts the fact that she is the only visible transgender person living in a remote region of the Canadian Rockies.

This Is Not A Passport Photo

Director: Stephanie Simpson ·

Follow Canadian photographer Stephanie Simpson as she takes family photos for resettled refugees.

Wind Through a Tree

Director: Seth Smith ·

In this poetic home movie, an unrelated family of four are connected by themes of loneliness and isolation.

Finding the AJ Goddard

Director: Jesse Davidge ·

A team of amateur and professional underwater archaeologists tell the story of discovering a sunken steamship.


Director: Shelley Thompson ·

An isolated young musician moving from small town to city life must come to terms with love and loss.

Playing House

Director: Nicole Steeves ·

Gary and Janet try to navigate marriage and parenthood, despite being only nine years old.

I Am Coming To Paris To Kill You

Director: Seth Smith ·

A woman hijacks a family trip in pursuit of a deceitful kidnapper.


Director: Dordaneh Dadui, Soroush Hosseini ·

Samir, a schoolteacher, struggles to cope with the incident that turned his life upside down.


Director: Gloria Ui Young Kim ·

An impressionistic dance film that follows a young outsider as she plays the role of femme fatale.