Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball

, 19:17, English, 2015
Director: Drew Taylor, Matthew Taylor
N.Y. Mets [l. to r.] Tug McGraw, Ron Taylor and Ron Swoboda


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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Director: Jeff Wheaton ·

A woman deciphers a message received in her dreams, sent by a colony of bees.

Across America

Director: Millefiore Clarkes ·

A lyrical journey through the shifting landscapes of America.

The Foreigner

Director: Maya Annik Bedward ·

When a recluse uncovers a tropical underground party he embarks on a journey that challenges his timid ways.



Director: Nobilis Bellator ·

A call for the protection of our night skies endangered by humans who make bad use of urban lighting.

No Breath Play

Director: Stacey Ashworth ·

A woman struggles to free herself when an experiment with BDSM leaves her bound and alone in her home.

Taxidermy is Goodbye

Director: Vuk Dragojevic ·

Manuel Jan owns the last working taxidermy shop in Toronto.

Virtual Hitman

Director: Phil Borg ·

A father hires an online hitman to kill his daughter’s video game character, hoping to steer her away from becoming a professional gamer.

The Vehicle

Director: O. Corbin Saleken ·

A man tries to convince a woman that they have a future together.


Director: Haya Waseem ·

After moving to the city Alyssa finds herself inexplicably drawn to her neighbour Chloe.

Claire’s Birthday

Director: Patrick T. Lo ·

Early-twentysomething Claire celebrates her birthday … alone at home.

Happy Endings

Director: Hannes Thor Arason ·

After falling in love with an erotic masseuse, a lonely parking-booth attendant must step out of his comfort zone to liberate her from an oppressive boss.

The Black Hmong and a Different Way of Life

Director: Kyle Sandilands ·

A group of young Black Hmong women visit Hanoi, promote their village, and become tourists for the first time.

My Buddy

Director: Mark Moliterni ·

The story of a lonely old man and his android butler connected by the power of movies and TV.


Director: Tricia Hagoriles ·

A hermit-like illustrator does everything she can to avoid a courier who is amplifying her already out-of-control heart condition.

Given Your History

Director: Molly McGlynn ·

Two sisters struggle with their relationship, and their personal fears, several years after the death of their mother.


Director: Traolach Ó Murchú ·

The story of a Tlingit First Nations man who has been deeply affected by the inter-generational trauma caused by Canada’s residential schools system.


Director: Jonathan Lawrence ·

Two brothers hold an intervention for their alcoholic mother.

The Future Perfect

Director: Nick Citton ·

Somewhere between then and now, a time traveler defies his orders, and compromises a future he cannot unlearn.

Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves

Director: Neil Christopher ·

Two brothers adrift on broken sea ice in a distant land.


Director: Daniel Duranleau ·

A clever boy designs a creative ploy to protect his little sister from repeated monster attacks.

Tea Time

Director: Guillaume Blanchet ·

Two tea bags flee to a better life.


Director: Benjamin Noah ·

A short film disguised as a music video about one man’s quest for knowledge.


Director: Tymur Markunin ·

A little boy with a great imagination and an even greater secret.

Earth to Avery

Director: Julianna Notten ·

Avery is convinced she’s from another planet, which is causing some trouble as she adjusts to her new foster placement.

The Dishwasher

Director: Matt David Johnson ·

A dishwasher’s dream of becoming a professional chef takes a step closer to reality when an unlikely alliance is forged with a local streetwalker.


Director: Jamie Alain ·

A woman travels across the infinite multiverse all without leaving her living room.

Yuri on the Phone

Director: René Nuijens, Steve Korver ·

An elderly woman thinks she finally has Yuri Gagarin on the phone.