Typesetter Blues

, 3:00, English, 2012
Director: Pazit Cahlon, Hector Herrera
Typesetter Blues


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). We program new films every week.


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The Cuber

Director: Chris Frampton ·

A look at 18-year-old Eric Limeback – Canada’s fastest blindfold Rubik’s Cube solver.

Algebra: A Reunion of Broken Parts

Director: Jith Paul ·

A painter grapples with the loss of his sight.

Lost in Motion II

Director: Ben Shirinian ·

The spectrum of emotions experienced by a dancer as she bares her soul for all to see.


Nights in Suburbia

Director: Alex Lee Williams ·

A female insomniac befriends her sleepwalking neighbour.

The Search

Director: Devinder Paul Singh ·

A man receives a distressed call from his wife not realizing it will change his life forever.

Good Coffee

Director: Léa Rondot ·

A woman and man have coffee together and two different conversations.


Director: Dylan Innes ·

An android makes a terrifying discovery which turns his world upside down.

Her Eyes

Director: Nick Wong ·

A woman takes a leap of faith by going on a date with a friend.

Daily Battles

Director: James Stewart ·

A 3D interpretation of medieval papercut masterwork by New York artist Béatrice Coron.


Director: Shervin Shoghian, Freddy Chavez Olmos ·

A young boy uses his imagination to overcome a monstrous bully.

Jacob’s Arrow

Director: Marta Borowski ·

A little boy attempts to rebuild his family.

The Hunt

Director: Spencer Estabrooks ·

A father and son hunting trip turns into a fight for life or death.

Second Dates

Director: Robert Lawrenson ·

A woman searching for acceptance and love shows her determination after a series of disastrous second dates.

Animal Control

Director: Kire Paputts ·

Before Sammy, Larry’s best friends were stuffed animals.

Bar None

Director: Cle Bennett ·

A man plans to kill himself unless one person smiles at him on his way to jump off a bridge.

Guess Who’s Knocking

Director: Amanda Murphy ·

Two missionaries find themselves in a religious debate with the crafty neighborhood know-it-all.


Director: Sandra Battaglini ·

A woman longs to connect to her Asian roots.


Director: Mark MacDonald ·

Rapper teewhy goes through the stages of a being corpse.

Faces of Hillary

Director: Patrick T. Lo ·

A split-screen character study.


Director: Rickey Bryant ·

Will a young man take a risk on love?

Set No Path

Director: Brooks Reynolds ·

Four lifetime friends prepare to leave the safety of their small town.

Loose Ends

Director: Michael Horrigan ·

Two people with a terrible secret that one friend would like to put behind them.

Pour le meilleur et pour Shakespeare (For Shakespeare with Love)

Director: Jonathan Germain ·

A man gets relationship advice from Romeo’s Juliette.

Look Up, Son!

Director: Éric Baril, Lévy L. Marquis ·

A father takes his crippled son for a day at the cottage.

The Death of Gary Goldwater

Director: Clinton Jones ·

Two hitmen have trouble disposing of their target.

How (Not) To Become A Vampire

Director: Keram Malicki-Sanchez ·

In order to win over a girl, Roy tries to change into a vampire.

Pop Switch

Director: Jason R. Goode ·

As Frank approaches 50 he’s forced to decide whether he’s ready to be a ‘Pop.’