, 10:21, English, 2014
Director: Eric Rowe
Afternoon short film


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). New films featured every week.



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Director: Michelle Brunette ·

A determined film student sets out to achieve a childhood dream but doesn’t realize the sacrifices involved.

De Puta Madre: A Love Story

Director: Catherine Black ·

An idyllic picnic turns dangerous.  


Director: Martine Blue ·

A novelist gets herself cloned to spend more time with her family.


The Car

Director: Joffrey Saintrapt ·

After being kicked out of his apartment, a man is forced to live in his car in the parking lot at work.

Very Good Dirt

Director: Catharine Parke ·

Memories hover like ghosts over the landscape of an abandoned town in the prairies.


Director: Haya Waseem ·

A look at the lives of three diverse individuals living in the city of Toronto.

Not Indian Enough

Director: Alex Zahara ·

A First Nations woman confronts her cousin about spreading rumours about her authenticity as a Native woman.

Just As I Remember

Director: Andrew Moir ·

Two fathers living with ALS are faced with heartbreaking choices that will forever change their children’s lives.

Burn The Tapes

Director: Brit Kewin, Nick Kewin ·

A young woman’s new life is threatened when a stack of cassette tapes reveals a haunting truth about her husband.

A Short Recess

Director: Glen McDonald ·

A tense meeting evolves into a very interesting conversation about woman troubles, career planning, current fashion and the latest tech gadgets.

This Job Saved My Life

Director: Liam Kearney ·

Liam Kearney spent a day in Dave Fenton’s crane to talk about how he came to be a crane operator.

Weekend Warriors

Director: Lyndon Casey ·

A man’s fun-filled weekend in the Canadian part-time army comes to a halt when his camp receives an urgent distress call.

Mars Barb

Director: Milena Salazar ·

Barbara Keith wants to go to Mars with Mars One, a mission that plans to establish the first permanent human settlement on the Red Planet.

Umbrella of Damocles

Director: Aaron Allard, James Lafleur ·

A man becomes the adoptive father of his slain friend’s put-upon wife and young boy.

The Toll

Director: Scott Simpson ·

A toll booth attendant’s life is thrown into turmoil when a car crashes into his toll plaza.

Flower Girl

Director: Dominique van Olm ·

After an argument with her mother, a young girl is left with the difficult decision whether to stay or go.

The Black Hmong of Lao Chai Village

Director: Kyle Sandilands ·

A look at the cultural challenges facing the Hmong people of Vietnam.

Tomb With A View

Director: Ryan J. Noth ·

An exploration of Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica – the world’s tallest cemetery.


Director: Thyrone Tommy ·

A young archer fights to avoid becoming the thing he fears most – his abusive, militant father.

Mature Young Adults

Director: Kent Nolan ·

15-year-olds Jon and Caitlin imagine in vivid detail what disasters may occur if they were to lose their heads, follow their hearts and finally kiss.


Director: Joshua Hinkson ·

A lifelong friendship is set ablaze when two friends confront their past, unveiling a provocative secret.

Breaking the Rules

Director: Kathy Leung ·

Rules, dealbreakers and misunderstandings: a post-game analysis of what happens when bad dating happens to good people.


Director: Ashley McKenzie ·

A young girl struggles to find an object for her tenderness inside the confines of a hard-nosed home environment and post-industrial town.

A Horse With No Name

Director: Adrian Patterson ·

In the desert no one remembers your name … unless you’re a talking horse.

Before the War

Director: Tamara Segura ·

A man’s physical scars are healed but the emotional ones are so deep that he will never be the same.


Director: Lyndon Horsfall, Jane Watson ·

An aging war veteran finds it difficult dealing with his post traumatic stress disorder.

You In Your Were

Director: Samir Rehem ·

Music video for recording artist Kevin Drew featuring Zach Galifianakis and Leslie Feist.