Petit frère (Little Brother)

, 14:00, French with English subtitles, 2014
Director: Rémi St-Michel
Petit frère (Little Brother)


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Mes réseaux sociaux et moi (Social Me)

Director: Katia Café-Fébrissy ·

Nya’s smartphone has become an extension of her arm, and social media is instrumental in shaping her identity.

When Fish Fly

Director: Lisa Rose Snow ·

After the sudden death of her mother, a determined little girl goes on a mission of love in order let go and move forward.

Five Dollars

Director: Reza Dahya ·

When a young boy starts spending more time with his babysitter than his mother, he’s forced to learn that time is money and money is time.



Director: Ben Proudfoot ·

A portrait of master woodturner Steven Kennard.

Descrambled Eggs

Director: Kayla Jeanson ·

A movie about a poem and the poet’s weird body.

Last Music Man

Director: David Kalinauskas ·

A biopic of infamous concert promoter Dan Burke.

Getting There

Director: Brendan Prost ·

A vibrant, musical consideration of a young artist’s struggle to collaborate and keep things in perspective.


Director: Connor Gaston ·

A mystic autistic attempts to heal his broken family without saying a word.

The Hands of Time

Director: Jose Ho-Guanipa ·

Treacherous lovers get what they deserve in this film noir revenge love triangle shot as a split-screen palindrome.

When It Is Dark

Director: Kate Yorga ·

A woman is visited by the spirit of her sister during a mummering party in the early 1900s.


Director: Ben Proudfoot ·

A portrait of master stone carver Heather Lawson.

Becoming Sophie

Director: Crystal Lowe ·

A woman struggles to find the courage to follow her dreams.

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Director: Ava Torres, Helmann Wilhelm ·

A substitute teacher finds a magic pair of glasses allowing him to see his girlfriend as he’d like her to be.


Director: Justin Oakey ·

Feuding fishermen are forced to set aside their conflict when an emergency arises.

Glass Eyes of Locust Bayou

Director: Simon Mercer ·

A retired security guard in rural Arkansas has been making films with local townsfolk for over 30 years. See how one man creates a self-contained universe, out in the bayou.

The Looking Glass

Director: Chad Costen ·

Alice flees the horrors of an apocalyptic wasteland and is confronted by a pair of monstrous conjoined twin brothers.


Director: Michelle Kee ·

An illegally dumped mattress in a neighbourhood alley sparks a suburban war.

Do You See Me?

Director: Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi ·

The human rights challenges faced by the homeless community on the streets of Calgary.

Phone Box

Director: Alan Powell ·

The troubles and desperation of a handful of Londoners intersect at one of the city’s few remaining iconic red phone boxes.


Director: Jay Bulckaert, Pablo Saravanja ·

Two hard-living trappers navigate the dark wilderness of the Canadian north.


Director: Chris Barnard ·

A single father searches for his runaway son as he grapples with his declining mental state.

Consolation Prize

Director: Todd Kipp ·

A deadbeat dad living among a wasteland of wrecked vehicles tries to reconnect with his son over a surprise weekend visit.


Director: Max Martin ·

When a young man returns home from an eating disorder clinic, he discovers that adjusting to life outside the program may be more difficult than he suspected.

Little Moccasins

Director: Ken Matheson ·

Elementary school children honour First Nations children that were buried in unmarked graves during a dark period in Canadian history.


Director: Michelle Brunette ·

A determined film student sets out to achieve a childhood dream but doesn’t realize the sacrifices involved.


Director: Eric Rowe ·

After losing their virginity, two teenagers spend the afternoon together.

De Puta Madre: A Love Story

Director: Catherine Black ·

An idyllic picnic turns dangerous.