Set No Path

, 17:10, English, 2014
Director: Brooks Reynolds
Set No Path


A year-round Canadian short film festival run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). We program new films every week.



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Loose Ends

Director: Michael Horrigan ·

Two people with a terrible secret that one friend would like to put behind them.

Pour le meilleur et pour Shakespeare (For Shakespeare with Love)

Director: Jonathan Germain ·

A man gets relationship advice from Romeo’s Juliette.

The Death of Gary Goldwater

Director: Clinton Jones ·

Two hitmen have trouble disposing of their target.


Look Up, Son!

Director: Éric Baril, Lévy L. Marquis ·

A father takes his crippled son for a day at the cottage.

How (Not) To Become A Vampire

Director: Keram Malicki-Sanchez ·

In order to win over a girl, Roy tries to change into a vampire.

Pop Switch

Director: Jason R. Goode ·

As Frank approaches 50 he’s forced to decide whether he’s ready to be a ‘Pop.’


Director: Siobhan Devine ·

After a monster fight with her parents over her texting habits, Kaylee runs away to her grandma’s house.

The Ties Between Us

Director: Christer Harris ·

Two friends must overcome guilt and pain as they revisit the night of a tragedy together.

Leave Us Alone

Director: Nicholas Treeshin ·

A woman inherits a profitable piece of farmland from a grandfather she never knew.

La trappe (The Trap)

Director: Sophie B. Jacques ·

A woman has an unexpected response when a burglar breaks into her home.

Les adieux de la Grise (A Shade of Grey)

Director: Hervé Demers ·

Nine-year-old Noémy is about to leave the carefree world of childhood behind.


Director: Josh Richardson ·

Alone in the forest, a young girl fights to survive.


Director: Jason R. Goode ·

Two strangers struggle for an honest connection.

Every Door, Every Floor

Director: Stash Capar ·

A failing cleaning product salesman takes drastic action.

A Kindness

Director: E. Jane Thompson ·

A nightclub bouncer performs an unexpected act of kindness.

Sunday Punch

Director: Alan Powell ·

A couple’s argument is broadcast to millions as a live sporting event on ‘Domestic Fight TV.’

The Luckiest Most Unlucky Man in the World

Director: Walter Forsyth ·

A man with the worst luck in the world somehow survives every misfortune.

All Tied Up

Director: Jennifer Miller ·

A young cat burglar breaks into a rich man’s home for the heist of her life.


Director: Kent Nolan ·

An aspiring photojournalist is forced to choose between journalistic integrity and celebrity entertainment.

Vivre à 35 milles à l’heure (35 MPH)

Director: Jean-Marc E.Roy, Philippe David Gagné, Dominic Leclerc ·

Two buddies geek out over a shared passion for dirt bikes.

Baby Half Lie

Director: Kimberley Miller-Pryce ·

A determined mother is driven to a mental breakdown, forcing her daughter to confront family problems head-on.


Director: Jean-Marc E.Roy ·

A bookstore. A love triangle. A drama.

Rinse & Repeat

Director: Mark Moliterni ·

In the bathtub during a party, a drunken young woman finally deals with her break-up.

dislock_ { en deux mouvements }

Director: Dominique T. Skoltz ·

A woman and a man are drawn together in a series of disarticulated movements.

Anata O Korosu

Director: Jean-Marc E.Roy, Philippe David Gagné ·

He speaks Catalan, she speaks Japanese. He’s unemployed. She’s a flight attendant.

The Proposal

Director: Curtis Dickie ·

What happens when you follow your heart isn’t always what you expect.

The Change

Director: Sam Coyle ·

A woman has the chance to change the patterns of a world made up of restrictive social norms.