I Am Coming To Paris To Kill You

, 9:31, English, 2015
Director: Seth Smith
I Am Coming to Paris to Kill You


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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Playing House

Director: Nicole Steeves ·

Gary and Janet try to navigate marriage and parenthood, despite being only nine years old.


Director: Dordaneh Dadui, Soroush Hosseini ·

Samir, a schoolteacher, struggles to cope with the incident that turned his life upside down.


Director: Gloria Ui Young Kim ·

An impressionistic dance film that follows a young outsider as she plays the role of femme fatale.


The Last Deaths of Joe

Director: Adonay Guerrero ·

Joe Whitehorse, an Indigenous actor typecast in a traditional Western, is having problems performing the tragic fate of his character.

Beneath the Surface

Director: Frederick Kroetsch, Kurt Spenrath ·

Daniel Ennett attempts to become the first scuba certified quadruple amputee.

Crazy Love

Director: Mathieu Charest ·

Pushed to her breaking point, an abused woman must decide whether to stay silent or fight back.

Tiny Tracks

Director: Naomi Hocura ·

Hilda Walsh has a small city in her Toronto basement.


Director: John Marcucci ·

A hard of hearing woman struggles to realize her dream of being accepted into the military.


Director: Maisie Jacobson ·

An aging Montreal mystic brings his unique blend of spirituality and art to the streets of Manhattan.

Paper Thin

Director: Jeff Parker ·

While preparing for his thesis defense on Sherlock Holmes, Miles overhears a mysterious exchange in the apartment next door.

When We Were Poor

Director: Lynn Matheson ·

An exploration of a woman’s memories of her aunt explored through what is left behind.

Wife and Death

Director: Matt Wright ·

A visit from Death leaves Jack on borrowed time to patch things up with his girlfriend.


Director: Ian Macdonald ·

In an attempt to rewrite the past, a young woman sets up a play date with her childhood best friend.

Recruiting Hell

Director: Randy Brososky ·

Come behind the scenes as the demons of Hell LLP struggle to produce the best, worst recruiting video in the universe.

Away From Here

Director: Joseph Covello ·

An angst-ridden teenager must decide whether to leave his small town with his best friend or stay to support his family.


Director: Anna Sikorski ·

Preteen Clara embarks on a mission to master the art of walking in high-heeled shoes.


Director: Avery Stedman, Graeme Barrett ·

A divorced dad-type goes on a short journey of self discovery.

Baby Shower

Director: Christopher Lazar ·

A woman exhibits bizarre pregnancy symptoms at a baby shower.

maybe if it were a nice room

Director: Alicia Harris ·

An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms.


Director: Jonathan Steckley ·

A man finds a connection with one of his female examiners in an extremely awkward situation at a testing facility.


Director: Marc Pannia ·

A young man reminisces on a past relationship.

Baby Boy

Director: Julian Liurette ·

A pregnant woman decides she doesn’t want her baby anymore.

Our Garden Was Green

Director: Malileh Noghrehkar ·

A woman decides to go beyond her religious beliefs to try something new to bring back her golden past.

Seeker Wing

Director: Iris Moore ·

A person makes the long and difficulty journey towards finding their own beauty.


Director: Lee Patola ·

A woman must contend with family troubles when the arrival of an injured crow forces her to make an uncomfortable decision.

Dead Hearts

Director: Stephen W. Martin ·

A young mortician learns that not even death can stand in the way of true love.

Mister Forgettable

Director: Andrew de Villiers ·

The story of a man who cannot be remembered.