Static Alex

, 8:21, English, 2017
Director: Alayna Silverberg
Static Alex


A year-round Canadian short film fest run by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television badge



Director: Anna Cooley ·

A woman must defeat the demons that lurk in her nightmares if she is to save herself and the woman she loves.


Director: Matt Holland ·

A man revisits the cabin where he spent his childhood, but something has changed.


Director: Alex Loubert, Zach Ramelan ·

An over-worked and under-loved woman tires of the dating scene and tries using a new dating app.


Under the Radar

Director: Erin Cumming ·

An upstart team of Canadian engineers race against NASA to see who will produce the first digitally processed radar image of earth from space.

Tears of Inge

Director: Alisi Telengut ·

A mother camel rejects her baby after a painful childbirth.

The Wake

Director: Taylor Johnson ·

A young man lost at sea drifts in and out of consciousness and is joined by a strange guide.

The Mary Contest

Director: Teresa McGee ·

A young Catholic girl with a quick temper dreams of becoming a nun.

The Portal

Director: Jonathan Williams ·

A dimension-travelling wizard gets stuck in the 21st century because cell phone radiation interferes with his magic.

Invisible City

Director: Desiree Wallace ·

Post-secondary students living in the third least affordable city in the world, Vancouver, are being forced into homelessness.


Director: Rogan Christopher ·

After witnessing a sexual assault, a succubus hunts down the rapist and exacts vengeance.

Never Better

Director: Lucie Guest ·

A closure comedy about navigating the waters of a break-up and the crazy things love makes us do.

The Craftsman

Director: Sina Sultani ·

One solider’s fight against PTSD through rebuilding the limbs of his fellow soldiers.

The Time Traveller’s Pantoum

Director: Daniel Scott Tysdal ·

An aging time traveller meditates upon his failures as he prepares to stop his younger self from ​​seeking to make the world a better place.

Kiss & Tell

Director: Jackie Hoffart ·

Eight vignettes about the resonance of romantic memories, tied to specific Vancouver streets.


Director: Jeremy Lutter ·

A female android discovers she has feelings for her owner and must put her life on the line to gain a human connection.

How the Savage Came to Be

Director: Dinae Robinson ·

A short history of Canada’s Indian Residential School system and its legacy.


Director: John Graham ·

Three metaphorical characters intersect in stories told through gestures, body and sound.

Jew Girl #2

Director: Adam Singer ·

Jodie is an aspiring stage actress who will do whatever it takes to prove she’s more than just a background performer.


Director: Ellie Harvie ·

Cynthia and Amy have been asked to scatter the ashes of a dear friend.

I Phub You

Director: Shannon Hunt ·

After an incident that leaves the world around him silent, Kurtis discovers what it means to communicate in a technologically consumed society.

The Talent Scout

Director: Anita Abbasi, Martin Baena ·

A waitress stuck in a dead-end job meets a travelling talent agent looking for Hollywood’s next big star.


Director: David Lester ·

A dysfunctional night with his girlfriend challenges Jay to evaluate whether the rewards of intimacy and commitment are worth the baggage.

The Things I Couldn’t Say

Director: Zlatina Pacheva ·

When Zoe and Chris find themselves alone at a party, all they can seem to talk about is their most recent failed relationships.

Leaving Turtleford

Director: Ron Kennell ·

Eugene Tippler breaks free from his shell and goes on an adventure.

It Was Sunny the Day I Killed Her

Director: Kenneth J. Harvey ·

A woman falls in love with a perverse, manipulative man who nurtures the deviance in her, until she is jilted and seeks revenge.

The Constant Refugee

Director: Patrick Barfoot, Leila Almawy ·

The story of Saifan Estefan – displaced due to the Iraqi War and Syrian Civil War and his harrowing experience with Turkey’s refugee crisis.

Sound Asleep

Director: Aisling Chin-Yee ·

On Declan’s sixth birthday, his baby brother dies of sudden infant death syndrome. He’s left wondering if he will suffer the same fate.