NSI Features First - Students

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All-In Madonna

Arnold Lim (right), Susie Winters (left)
Producer Arnold Lim (right), writer Susie Winters (left) (Victoria, BC & Edmonton, AB)

Whitelash (formerly Hunting Season)

Mark Wolff (right), Shayne Metcalfe (left)
Producer Mark Wolff (right), writer Shayne Metcalfe (left) (Saskatoon & Petrofka, SK)

We Came From the Sea

Jeremy Lutter (right), Ryan Bright (left)
Producer Jeremy Lutter (right), writer Ryan Bright (left) (Victoria & Vancouver, BC)

Smash Smash Revolution

Jennifer Liao (right), Stephanie Law (left)
Producer Jennifer Liao (right), writer Stephanie Law (left) (Toronto, ON)
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