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NSI grads at 2013 South African Horrorfest


The festival takes place in South Africa today through November 8.

Good Expectations

Director: Daniel D'Alimonte ·

A teenage couple struggles to lose their virginity.

Jacqueline Ultimatum

Director: Patrick Aubert ·

Jacqueline thinks spies are following her into a park.


Director: Carole Ducharme ·

We are all only a few decisions away from ending up on the street.

The Swimming Lesson

Director: Ti Hallas ·

A swimming coach teaches her pupil tips to help make it to the Olympics.

The Drive Home

Director: Kevin P. Gabel ·

A confrontation on the way home from a party forces a young couple to examine their relationship.

Better People

Director: Mark O'Brien ·

For John and Natalie love at first sight is complicated.


Director: Jeremy Webb ·

A man travels home to attend the wake of his uncle.

What Happens Next

Director: Jenna Elzein ·

When a group of neighbourhood guys offers to make Jad one of them, how can he say no?

Rise of the eSports Hero premieres on Global this Saturday


This hour-long doc shines a light on the fast-growing sub-culture of eSports.

The Haymaker

Director: Daniel D'Alimonte ·

A misguided boxer learns how to truly empower himself when he meets an optimistic trainer.

Lost for Words

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

An odd boy and a mysterious girl encounter creatures and puzzles as they negotiate their way out of a magical forest.