Kwadacha By The River by Dave Shortt, Jessica Hallenbeck, Mitchell McCook + 3 more films in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival

Four new films in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival from directors Dave Shortt, Jessica Hallenbeck and Mitchell McCook, Rachel Cairns and Sarah Hempinstall, Johnnie Walker and Kyath Battie.

Kwadacha By The River

Watch Kwadacha By The River in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Kwadacha By The River | Documentary, 18:30, English, BC, 2017 | Directors: Dave Shortt, Jessica Hallenbeck and Mitchell McCook

Decades after being flooded out of their territory by a hydroelectric dam, the Indigenous northern BC community of Kwadacha grapples with the cultural and social impact that the loss of their land has on their heritage.

Esmerelda’s Castle

Watch Esmerelda’s Castle in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Esmerelda’s Castle | Drama, 8:25, English, ON, 2017 | Directors: Rachel Cairns, Sarah Hempinstall

Set in the 1970’s, Lydia’s days are mostly the same. She spends her afternoons at the office workin’ for the man.

But this afternoon’s smoke break takes a turn for the mysterious when this secretary and her shoe-shining companion enter the alternative world of Esmerelda’s Castle, a dingy dive for queens that drag and dream.

Saturn Devours

Watch Saturn Devours in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Saturn Devours | Comedy, 14:09, English, ON, 2016 | Director: Johnnie Walker

A young man suffers a surreal string of bad luck around the same time an ancient god starts following him around town.

An offbeat magical realist comedy about astrology, gay sex and millennial ennui.


Watch Lookout in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Lookout | Documentary, 12:16, English, SK, 2016 | Director: Kyath Battie

Gaining elevation is a very complex concept. The higher we ascend, the more removed we are from normal everyday affairs but, the broader our gaze becomes, the more profound our sense of our situation in the world.

Lookout is a personal experimental documentary that examines this kind of elevation or ‘lookout’ through the discovery of human ashes atop a mountain and a distinct, yet fragmented, audio collage of 80’s mix cassette tapes.

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