16 films from 20 NSI grads at Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2018

Link to Kingston Canadian Film Festival

16 films from 20 NSI grads at this year’s Kingston Canadian Film Festival:

  • Ordinary Days from Jordan Canning (NSI Drama Prize), Kris Booth (NSI Features First) and Ramona Barckert (NSI Script to Screen)
  • Birth of a Family from Tasha Hubbard (NSI IndigiDocs, Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program)
  • Nuuca from Michelle Latimer (NSI Drama Prize)
  • Room For Rent from John Barnard, Chris Charney and Kyle Bornais (all NSI Features First)
  • Frigid from Joe Kicak (NSI Drama Prize)
  • Indian Horse from Paula Devonshire (NSI Features First, NSI Totally Televison) and Trish Dolman (NSI Features First)
  • The Road Forward from Marie Clements (Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program, NSI Storytellers)

Kingston Canadian Film Festival happens March 1 to 4, 2018. See the full schedule.

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