Death Wish

Death touches a little girl’s soul by granting her fondest wish on Christmas Eve.

Creative team

Writer/director: Chad Costen
Producer: Timo Puolitaipale

Filmmaker’s statement

I envisioned Death Wish from the following point of view: “What would my favourite Christmas specials from childhood have been like if the likes of Peter Jackson or Guillermo Del Toro had made them?”

I’ve always wanted to make a dark comedy. I’ve already made short films that have made people laugh, or built suspense and depicted gore, and Death Wish involves both of these aspects, which is double the fun.

Death Wish is for the adult who grew up loving the twisted holiday entertainment they watched as a kid while waiting for Santa to slide down their chimney on Christmas Eve … and break his freaking neck.

About Chad Costen

Chad Costen

Chad’s background lies in animation and props production, having spent many years developing his skills on both personal projects and commercial productions including Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (TV), Blade 2, Dream Keeper and Caitlin’s Way.

Chad’s talents vary from costume design and creature effects to puppetry and art production, but his true interest lies in visual storytelling. The desire to share thoughtful work with the world and combine his other interests into a single career has led him to pursue a life of independent filmmaking. Chad is an instructor at the Vancouver Film School.

Chad’s first short film I Hate Broccoli began a career of working with puppets and special effects costumes in film. Chad also directed the feature film The Coming and most recently The Legend of Zelda: A Missing Link. He not only directed the films but also designed and built costumes, puppets and creature effects, and created the visual effects with a team of artists.

Chad is a full-scholarship recipient and graduate of the VFS film production program.

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