New documentary Fostering Hope from Liam Brennan, Chris McIvor in production

Fostering Hope stray dog documentary / Link to Frank Digital

Fostering Hope, an upcoming one-hour TV documentary written and conceived by Liam Brennan (NSI Totally Television) and directed/produced by Chris McIvor (NSI Business for Producers) of Frank Digital, is currently in production.

The film focuses on the issue of stray dogs in Northern Manitoba reserves and follows Jasmine Colucci and Dave Brooker who run the K9 Advocates Manitoba group. They’ve rescued more than 2,500 dogs over the past few years.

But they don’t just rescue dogs; they provide dog food and neutering/spaying services to responsible owners in these communities who can’t afford it. They work with communities to advocate for spaying and neutering to eliminate the need for “culls” that regularly happen.

Watch for Fostering Hope on CBC in 2018.

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