Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies

A dark comedy exploring a day in the life of an abused woman who has a break with reality.

Creative team

Writers: Maria Sant’Angelo, Gerry Pearson
Director: Maria Sant’Angelo
Producers: Maria Sant’Angelo, Peter Loung

Filmmaker’s statement

When I first read Gerry Pearson’s script, I knew right away I wanted to direct it. I began inviting him over for martinis and he gladly accepted while we chatted about the project. All the while I thought he only wanted me to produce it and he would direct.

I kept romancing him with martinis and various Italian dishes trying to persuade him to let me direct his screenplay. Never coming out and actually saying “I want to direct your film.” I just waited patiently for him to see the light and realize I would be the best person for the job. I even had it cast for him in my head by the second round of martinis!

Finally, years later, over another martini … Gerry yelled out “Well of course you were always the one I thought would direct it!” We both laughed at how long it took us to get there. Once I got the green light, I used my sales skills to bring other talented people on board so the project would become a reality.

Originally, Gerry said he only wrote it as a fun thing to do with his peers who lived at the Performing Arts Lodge. He never thought it would be shot professionally with a real camera. We exceeded all of Gerry’s expectations and I’m happy to say he’s thrilled with the final cut.

He said to me, “I knew it needed a woman’s touch.” Originally I felt this piece was more than a “bit of fun” and there was a message to share with the world. Thought provoking? Hopefully … and that’s for the audience to decide.

At the end of the day, I still chat with my co-producer Peter Loung and ask him what he thinks the genre of this film really is. Is it a dark comedy, a drama or perhaps horror? Well, it’s definitely a quirky little film with laughs that surround a serious issue.

This is a story about a woman (played brilliantly by the talented Marye Barton), who has endured abuse from her spouse and suffered in silence for many years. My hope is that any woman who is a victim of mental and/or physical abuse, who sees this film, might get some help or that anyone who knows an abused woman would also reach out and try to help.

About Maria Sant’Angelo

Maria Sant'Angelo

Maria Sant’Angelo has been a professional in the entertainment industry since 1986. Her career began as an actor/singer and worked as a casting assistant for many years for the late, great Karen Hazzard, CDC.

Maria has worked on virtually every side of the entertainment industry – as an actor, casting director, talent agent/manager, producer, writer, director, session director, acting coach and more.

Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies is her directorial debut and a labour of love.

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