Caroline is willing to do anything to please Francis.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Patrick Aubert
Producer: Emilie Archambault

Filmmaker’s statement

Vanilla is a short film based on true events. I got inspired by many stories related to online dating, family reunions and all that we do to avoid conflicts and judgements.

One day, it all comes out and this is when the comedy begins.

About Patrick Aubert

Patrick Aubert

Born in Quebec, Patrick Aubert studied film production at Concordia University. Since the end of his studies, he’s directed 12 short films as a Kino member, a group of independent filmmakers.

His films Robert & La Rousse (2010), Jacqueline Ultimatum (2011), A Present for Robert (2012) and Pepper (2014) were presented in more than 100 film festivals around the world and have won several awards.

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