NSI grads get BravoFACT funding

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Fresh news from the latest BravoFACT funding meeting. Congrats to these NSI alumni.

All in Madonna* from director Arnold Lim and writer Susie Winters: When sixteen-year-old Maddie attends public school for the first time, she learns her father is known as a dangerous thug.

*The feature length version of this project is being developed through NSI Features First by Arnold and Susie.

Are We Cool Now? from producer Josh Epstein (NSI Drama Prize, NSI Totally Television, NSI Features First) and director Molly McGlynn (NSI Drama Prize): A young couple sets out on a road trip to navigate their relationship, but getting away from it all causes them to reflect on their place in the world and with each other.

Drone from producer/director Laura Perlmutter (NSI Drama Prize): A women is stalked by a drone.

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