Six NSI grads among 11 Indigenous projects receiving Telefilm funding

Telefilm 50 logo / Link to Telefilm invests $4.7M in 11 new Indigenous productions

Congratulations to the six NSI grads with five projects included in Telefilm’s 11 newly funded Indigenous productions:

  • Corruption of Divine Providence from Jeremy Torrie (NSI Aboriginal Cultural Trade Initiative, Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program) and Tanya Brunel (NSI Global Marketing)
  • Red Snow from Marie Clements (NSI Storytellers, Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program)
  • The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw from Shelley Niro (Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program)
  • Red Eye from Carolyn McMaster (NSI Features First)

Telefilm awarded $4.7 million in this round of funding.

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