TIFF and CBC announce screenwriting grant for under-represented filmmakers

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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the CBC Breaking Barriers Fund have announced (PDF) a new screenwriting grant aimed at supporting Canada’s diverse screenwriting talent.

The grant offers $10K to a Canadian writer along with support to further develop their feature film project.

The TIFF-CBC Diverse Screenwriters Grant is open to screenwriters who are female, Indigenous, belong to visible minorities or identify with a disability.

Applications are being accepted (for screenplays between 85 and 120 pages) until August 21, 2017.


  1. Satinder

    You should have a TIFF credit to your name. Seriously? If I had that I wouldn’t be here.

  2. Gordon Browne

    I agree with Bud. Older screenwriters are substantially under represented in the film industry.

  3. Maureen Dorey Lukie

    I could see this being very useful to someone who has had a short in TIFF (establishing some skills) but who is looking to make the difficult leap to a feature film.

  4. Teresa

    Having watched several films of late written by men that supposedly tell us what women are really thinking, only to descend into a male sexual fantasy or worse, portray the women with limited intelligence – I think we have a real problem with underrepresentation of female writers. Also, Bud, I agree that mature writers are also sorely underrepresented. This grant is a very, very small step towards making any headway at all. One grant of $10,000 -to an already established writer. It makes us all fight over the crumbs –creates hard feelings -and unless there is more to come, I’m not sure it is a step forward at all.

  5. Yeah this page fails to mention you have to have a credit on a TIFF accepted film. How about just support for new talent in general? Why must there be all these stipulations?

  6. Bud Gorman

    So, females automatically qualify as diverse/under-represented because of gender? Really? Has anyone been watching TV lately? Women are the leads in many series; almost every commercial is dominated by women; and the CBC has almost no men on the news broadcasts – all of the hosts, regional reporters and foreign journalist are women (same for radio). This gender bias looks like hypocrisy to me. And what about older folks? Are we not under-represented in the entertainment media? Can a case not be made that our voices constitute diversity? (Yes, I am a writer, and I am of an age that doesn’t get looked at very much).

    …Bud G.

    • gorwoman

      you’re an idiot. stop making work. please for the love of the world.

  7. Lisa makes a good point. This is more the “under-represented voices amid already-established Canadian storytellers”.

    — Damian

  8. Lisa M Thomas-Tench

    So…. “under-represented Canadian storytellers” are those who have already been accepted at TIFF? I’m wondering how this grant actually supports screenwriters who have not been able to get support in the past. Seems to me that a TIFF-recognised writer is someone who is already established and represented in front of one of the biggest film audiences in the world.

    • Dan Isaac

      Yeah, that makes no sense.

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