The Floaters

Romantic entanglements, broken toilets and expired pregnancy tests threaten to turn what was supposed to be a fun cottage weekend into a confusing nightmare. It all comes to a head when the mushrooms kick in and the truth comes out.

Creative team

Writer: Amelia Wasserman
Director: Nick Wilson
Producer: Jessica Hinkson

Filmmaker’s statement

I’m going to come out and say that taking magic mushrooms at a cottage is not a completely unfamiliar notion to Canadians (generally speaking of course) and I was excited to play around visually with that idea with the use of (low-budget) special effects and fish-eye lenses.

We were also incredibly lucky to have found the perfect cottage which, in a way, became the fifth character and hugely contributed to the film’s bizarro tone.

About Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson is an award-winning director, cinematographer and editor.

His directing credits include Rob Ford’s Sobriety Coach: Inside the Manic Life and Work of Bob Marier, for He’s also directed the crime series Last Seen Alive (DiscoveryID) and the television documentary Prince of Pot: The US vs Marc Emery (CBC), as well as hundreds of short-form digital docs.

Cinematography credits include numerous films such as Shadow Girl (TVO/BritDoc), My Country (Omni) and many others. Other clients include the Ontario Government, the 2010 Winter Olympics, H.P., VICE and MTV.

Nick’s most recent film as cinematographer and editor, No Place To Hide: The Rehtaeh Parsons Story, was an official selection at the 2015 HotDocs International Film Festival.

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