Bartholomew is a socially awkward young man with a flair for disco music and 1970s stylings.

Making desperate attempts to find a girlfriend who shares his interests, he falls back on unusual methods.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Elizabeth Becker
Co-producer: Jay Guerriere

Filmmaker’s statement

Making Bartholomew was an experience I will never forget. The way it came together, it’s almost like it had a life of its own.

Many years earlier I chose my first cousin as my muse to inspire the character of a feature film I was writing at the time. He was at a tender age, just moving out of his parents’ home and wanting desperately to jump start his adult life. Many of Bart’s character quirks were directly from my cousin’s life and, as interesting as the script was, I was never able to find the budget to get it produced.

Years later I presented the script to Trevor Tordjman, the lead actor on a TV series I was working on, and asked if he would like to star in it. Trevor was enthusiastic so we decided to shoot one or two scenes from the film to help finance the project. I asked the camera operator from our show, Brad Hruboska, to DP and, after he committed, so many people offered to help and supply equipment and locations.

Before long I realized that with all the effort from so many people, we should shoot more than a couple scenes so I wrote ‘handles’ into the two scenes and, after the two-day shoot, came together on a script that would make sense with just one more day of shooting.

Working with Trevor was amazing. There was a creative force that took place and my instinct was to adapt my character to meet Trevor’s strengths so the character of Bart was the net result of myself, my cousin and Trevor.

I wanted to create a very sympathetic, good-hearted human being that the audience can’t help but fall in love with. But I also wanted to create the experience for the audience that they become aware of Bart’s flaw, even if he can’t become aware of it himself.

To me, the idea of blocking the very thing you want more than anything because you can’t see yourself is a terrible irony of life. And that’s sort of what this film is about.

About Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth’s journey as a filmmaker began in high school when she wrote a stage play for her English class and directed it for her theatre arts class. She became so consumed with the process of writing and directing, and the thrill of breathing life into her work, that she quickly became dedicated to a career in that field.

In 1988 was hired by Canada’s YTV as a reporter where she reviewed movies, interviewed actors and directors, and eventually moved behind the camera as segment producer, writer and director.

She later moved into dramatic storytelling and has written, produced and directed several award-winning short films. Her success led to a placement, sponsored by the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television, to learn alongside several veteran Hollywood directors. In 1998 Elizabeth was hired by Titanic producer Jon Landau, where she was trained in script development.

Elizabeth is currently working as a director and writer in her third season on the hit tween television series The Next Step and in her first season of its spinoff series Lost & Found Music Studios which airs on Family Channel, CBBC and as a Netflix original.

She holds an MFA from The American Film Institute’s directing program and a BA in film studies from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

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