Canada Crew from Maria Kennedy, Ben Mazzotta premieres on TVOKids

Canada Crew

Canada Crew, a new series aimed at preschoolers from writer/director Ben Mazzotta and producer Maria Kennedy (both NSI Features First) and their company Little Engine Moving Pictures, premieres on TVOKids on June 19, 2017.

Featuring a puppet trio of all-Canadian mascots – Bebe the Beaver, Mo the Moose and Gavin the Canada Goose – the series travels to every province and territory to introduce kids to all the things that make Canada awesome: special people and places, our food, pastimes, animals and nature, and the national anthem to name a few. Along the way, they learn fun facts about our country.

In addition to the 26 x 7-minute episodes, TVOKids will also introduce 14 Canada Crew micro-games to enable kids to continue their own exploration of Canada: one for each province and territory, and one about the nation’s capital.

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