Before She’s Gone …

Stan and Shirley have been married for 67 years, but in 2001 Shirley was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Stan devoted the next 15 years taking care of his beloved wife, extending her life far beyond hope.

A film where past, present and future steadily disintegrate and, yet, a most profound love endures. Using 8mm footage from 1955 to GoPro video from 2015, Before She’s Gone … is a love story for the ages.

Creative team

Writers: Ana Carrizales, Arun Fryer, Nadim Hejeili
Director: Arun Fryer
Producers: Ana Carrizales, Arun Fryer

Filmmaker’s statement

The number of people with Alzheimer’s is expected to grow significantly in the next few decades so it’s important to prepare and nurture a positive mindset when caring for a loved one stricken with the mental disease.

I believe my grandfather, Stan Fryer, is a shining example of a caregiver who acts with patience and love, teaching us life is what you make of it, one day at a time.

I hope the audience leaves the film with a sense of hope, believing that in the midst of everyday adversity, it is still possible to enjoy life and love to its fullest. Thank you for watching.

About Arun Fryer

Arun Fryer

Arun Fryer is an award-winning filmmaker and media producer from Vancouver, BC.


  1. Beautiful example of pure love and well presented for us all and beautiful people in our world, all of you. Thank you for this gift! Peace to each of you. ☮

  2. Alice Hawkins

    Wow… an amazing and beautiful depiction of such a difficult journey for all involved. We know this journey well. Our daughter of was 25 diagnosed with fronto-temporal dimentiai 2010. She passed in 2014 as they say the life expectancy of someone so young is accelerated. Though our journey wasn’t quite the same there were many similar moments. Job well done Arun… say hi to your parents.

    • Arun Fryer

      Thank you Alice, I’m glad you enjoyed the film. Sorry to hear about your daughter. It’s a tough disease to battle. Best wishes going forward.

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