Submission deadline extended for Lindalee Tracey Award

Lindalee Tracey / Link to White Pine Pictures

Submissions have been extended for the 11th annual Lindalee Tracey Award. The award celebrates emerging Canadian filmmakers and is open to emerging artists. The submission deadline is now March 24, 2017.

In 2007, the first Lindalee Tracey Award was presented to NSI Drama Prize alumnus Trevor Anderson for his film Rock Pockets.

To be eligible for the Lindalee Tracey Award you must be an emerging artist – an individual with less than five years of training or experience in media arts which can be formal (university or college studies) or informal (production courses, workshops, hands-on experience in production, etc.). The emerging artist must also have completed at least one independent film or video, excluding school film projects.

Find out more about the Lindalee Tracey Award.

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