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Seed&Spark is a hybrid crowdfunding and streaming service from the US built by filmmakers for filmmakers. And right now, they want to increase their library of Canadian content, preferably in time for National Canadian Film Day on April 19, 2017.

The platform and the team behind it are grounded in a fundamental mandate to support diversity both in front of and behind the camera. While the opportunities Seed&Spark creates have primarily been available only to Americans, this is changing.

Successful crowdfunding for filmmakers

Seed&Spark began as a crowdfunding platform for features, shorts and web series. Projects have an unprecedented 75% success rate primarily because of the great resources and support provided.

Every successful crowdfunding project with over 500 followers qualifies for access to distribution to over 100 million American homes through partnerships with OTT services on the streaming side.

Streaming diverse stories

Subscribers get unlimited access to a great film catalogue and support independent and diverse voices and stories.

New subscribers are currently offered the first three months free after which a monthly $10 USD subscription fee kicks in.

This revenue is split in half each month with $5 paying for video watching and $5 to the crowdfunding campaign of your choice. Filmmakers streaming on the platform receive payment based on minutes viewed.

Empowering filmmakers with data

Seed&Spark recently launched their Filmmaker Dashboard. This new functionality gives creatives access to deep audience and financial data over the life of any project using its platform.

This is an extremely unique and powerful opportunity for filmmakers, providing access to information to make better, strategic decisions and increasing the odds of building a sustainable, financially viable career.

VOD opportunities for Canadian film, web series

While Seed&Spark is an American company, everything they offer on the streaming side is available to Canadians. And they want to increase their library of Canadian content.

If you have features, documentaries, web series and even shorts that aren’t available for free anywhere else online, Seed&Spark wants to hear from you.

Films accepted to the platform get a non-exclusive streaming deal that pays per minute viewed. Filmmakers also get access to all that data.

If you’re interested, please send the following to Caitlin Gold, Acquisitions, Seed&Spark at

  • Password protected screener link
  • Link to the film or series trailer
  • Link to social media and/or website

Annelise Larson is an NSI associate faculty member

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