Awards for 90 Days, Kristina Mileska, Yinuo Wang, I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!! in NSI Online Short Film Fest

Watch 90 Days in the NSI Online Short Film Festival

The National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) recently handed out the latest round of awards in its NSI Online Short Film Festival.

  • 90 Days, directed by Timothy Yeung, won the $1,250 A&E Short Filmmakers Award for best film;
  • Kristina Mileska won the $1,000 Corus Fearless Female Directors Award for best direction by a female for Asteroid;
  • Yinuo Wang won the $1,000 Brian Linehan Actors Award for her work in 90 Days; and
  • I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!, directed by Charlie Tyrell, won the $1,500 Blue Ant Media Documentary Award for best doc.

All winners receive a complimentary Friend membership to the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.

The award selection was made by an independent jury: documentary filmmaker Jenna Neepin, arts industry professional Amy Harrison and filmmaker Kheaven Lewandowski – recent winner of the A&E Short Filmmakers Award for best film for Bat Boy.

Our jurors had this to say about the films:

A&E Short Filmmakers Award for best film: 90 Days

Jenna Neepin: “90 Days immediately drew me into its world – a red light district – and though you feel like innocence is lost, you can still glimpse the small acts of kindness behind the beaded curtain.”

Amy Harrison: “90 Days unfolds in a richly visual way – through the backstreets of Hong Kong – and makes an impression that lasts far past its short format.”

Kheaven Lewandowski: “90 Days is a tragic film that outlines the horror of entering the world of prostitution for the first time. Told with subtly, confidence and brilliant cinematography, 90 Days stood out as a film that needs to be seen.”

Director Timothy Yeung said, “Our whole team is thrilled to receive this award. Much thanks to NSI for providing us the chance to share our film with a larger audience. This award makes all those sleepless nights for our team feel worthwhile. We are very grateful and appreciative that our short film could be recognized in this way.”

Corus Fearless Female Directors Award: Kristina Mileska for Asteroid

Jenna: “Asteroid is a playful spaceship ride. I felt all the emotional ups and downs.”

Amy: “Asteroid is beautifully shot and the story charms with its nostalgic perspective.”

Kheaven: “Kristina shows much potential as a filmmaker. Her ability to blend genres was very well done in mixing the sci-fi fantasy of a little girl’s daydream with the real world drama of losing her grandfather.”

Director Kristina Mileska said, “Thank you for the award. It’s incredibly encouraging and inspiring to win the Corus Fearless Female Directors Award. I’ll definitely be putting the prize towards my next female-driven film!”

Brian Linehan Actors Award: Yinuo Wang for 90 Days

Jenna: “This is the first time I’ve seen Yinuo Wang and I hope she does more. Her performance was subtle and yet totally striking, not unlike the film’s scarlet lamps.”

Amy: “Yinuo Wang delivers a subtle but affecting performance as Li Jan, a woman indirectly forced into prostitution in Hong Kong. This complex character could have been over-dramatized, but Wang shows restraint in expressing both vulnerability and strength.”

Kheaven: “Yinuo Wang’s performance in 90 Days was excellent. Even though her character was quiet, she spoke volumes with her subtle body language and curious eyes. [A] very moving performance.”

Yinuo Wang said, “Winning the Brian Linehan Actors Award is a great honour for me as a non-actor and motivation to keep pouring my heart and soul into all [my] work, for no film is too small – they are machines of empathy.”

Blue Ant Media Documentary Award: I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!

Jenna: “If you have ever read an underground comic you will be ‘drawn’ to this story because it’s bleeping entertaining! This slice of comic art history had me smiling and wanting to dig up my old favourite graphic novels.”

Amy: “I love that Charlie Tyrell has given obscure comic book character Reid Fleming his long-awaited film. This short-but-sweet documentary is coloured by the animation of David Boswell, and the fervor of Reid Fleming’s notable fans.”

Kheaven: “In my opinion this was the best of the films we reviewed. The story of this tragic comic and its creator was thrilling. Told with absolute skill and efficiency, there is some masterful documentary filmmaking at hand here. I look forward to seeing what Charlie Tyrell does next.”

Director Charlie Tyrell said, “We’re thrilled to win this – hell yeah! Reid Fleming would gladly add Blue Ant Media and the National Screen Institute to his delivery route.”

About the jury

Jenna Neepin is a Cree filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba who’s currently wrapping up post-production of her third documentary short film, Headdress, which will be presented online via the CBC Indigenous Shorts program.

Amy Harrison currently works as industry services coordinator with Manitoba’s film industry association, On Screen Manitoba. With a background in arts and cultural management, Amy pursues opportunities at the intersection between commerce and creativity.

Kheaven Lewandowski is a Vancouver-based filmmaker. His short films Bat Boy and River have previously won awards in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

Call for films / submit by March 24

$4,750 in cash awards are available to be won through the NSI Online Short Film Festival. We are currently accepting submissions through FilmFreeway until Friday, March 24, 2017.

Films that meet award criteria are eligible for the $1,250 A&E Short Filmmakers Award, the $1,000 Brian Linehan Actors Award and the $1,000 Corus Fearless Female Director Award. These awards are presented four times a year. The $1,500 Blue Ant Media Documentary Award is presented twice a year.

Entries must be under 30 minutes – the shorter the better. Drama, comedy, animation, documentary, sci-fi, horror, music video and experimental are all eligible but must be made by a Canadian writer, director or producer. The festival accepts films released after January 1, 2012.

Submit your film

The NSI Online Short Film Festival is made possible through the support of Festival Partner Telefilm Canada; Supporting Sponsors Entertainment One, Super Channel, Corus Entertainment, Blue Ant Media, The Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation and Breakthrough Entertainment; Award Sponsors A&E Television Networks, The Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation, Corus Entertainment and Blue Ant Media; and Industry Partner the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

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