Working Class Heroes

Three Vancouver warehouse workers find themselves wrestling with the complexities of family life when a sudden threat to their livelihoods demands all of the courage, determination and love they can muster.

Creative team

Writer: Shaun Aquiline
Director: Tom Scholte
Producers: Shaun Aquiline, Tom Scholte

Filmmaker’s statement

I felt a great sense of honour and responsibility handling this delicate story that is, ultimately, a love letter from my former student, Shaun Aquiline, to his father and the men he worked alongside for several decades.

I hope they, and working people across Canada, feel we have told their story with the dignity and respect they deserve.

About Tom Scholte

Tom Scholte has been active in Vancouver’s independent film scene for over 20 years, perhaps most notably as an actor in the films of Bruce Sweeney (Live Bait, Dirty, Last Wedding, The Dick Knost Show) and as actor and co-creator in Carl Bessai’s family trilogy (Mothers&Daughters, Fathers&Sons, Sisters&Brothers).

He made his debut as director with his feature, Crime, at the 2008 Vancouver International Film Festival.

He is a Genie (Canada Screen Awards – film) nominee for his work in Last Wedding and a Gemini (Canada Screen Awards – television) winner for his guest star role on the acclaimed CBC crime drama, Da Vinci’s Inquest.

He is a professor in the department of theatre and film at the University of British Columbia where he teaches acting and directing for the stage and screen.


  1. Yutto J

    Loved it. Excellent story, music and especially the people. So many familiar faces. :)

  2. Linda

    Great film. Very heart warming in a Canadian kind of way I must say. The weather in the film really goes along well with the story too. I enjoyed a lot thanx to those who made this film altogether.

  3. Well done! Great film! Excellent cinematography!

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