The Trap

The progressive discovery of Audrey’s (Jovanna Huguet-Burke) unraveling scheme to escape from her abusive husband Marvin (Josh Blacker).

Will she succeed in her quest for wealth and independence or is her ruthless, cunning husband too much for her to handle?

Creative team

Writers: Adam Estey, Jovanna Huguet-Burke
Director: Adam Estey
Producers: Lawra Robertson, Phillip Nee Nee, Andrew Burke, Jovanna Huguet-Burke

Filmmaker’s statement

The Trap was derived from an idea that I had about a woman who was literally trapped inside an abusive relationship.

She had been stuck in this terrible place for far too long and needed a way out. So she devised a plan to get out for good and, in turn, teach her husband a lesson.

Although this has actually never happened to me, I know what it feels like to be trapped in a situation that doesn’t feel right.

I wanted to create a piece that empowered women (although I am not promoting stealing or killing). And I wanted it to be a piece where the woman was the badass and surprised the audience with her strong will to live and get out.

I am a huge fan of classic films and have been an avid viewer my whole life. I really enjoyed the film noir movement in the 1940s and the badass women that surfaced. I wanted to create a throwback to that era with The Trap.

I created the storyline and the beats I wanted to hit and then I enlisted my friend, Adam Estey (who is a fabulous screenwriter), to take on the screenplay and direct the film. He would write a draft and I would edit until we finally arrived at the perfect screenplay.

Together we had a lot of fun during the process and we hope that you love the film we made. It took a village.

– Jovanna Huguet-Burke

About Adam Estey

Adam Estey

Adam Estey is a Vancouver-based filmmaker whose post-production career has spanned a decade, working in both live action and animation.

His 2014 short film How to Deal with an Axe Murderer screened at film festivals across North America and was nominated for best comedy at the Yorkton Film Festival.

The Trap is the second short film he has directed. It was born out the desire to shoot a modern-day neo-noir with a final run time of less than 15 minutes. The Trap is a film which seeks to evoke the mood of one of cinema’s most compelling genres.

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