STORYHIVE announces 30 newest web series winners

STORYHIVE web series 30 winners announced / Link to STORYHIVE

Back in early April, TELUS STORYHIVE accepted pitches from BC and Alberta for their latest edition of web series.

Through STORYHIVE, content creators receive funding to make a web series pilot and NSI delivers training to the selected projects and their creators.

Now STORYHIVE has announced the winners of the $300K to make 30 of Alberta and BC’s favourite web series pilots.

Each selected project receives a $10,000 grant and training from NSI to develop their web series pilot. Participants then go into competition again to determine the final winners.

The 30 winners are:

British Columbia

Brewstars from Ryan Curtis

Dawn of the Derricks from Brice Benson Kelly

Girls vs. The City from Brianna Wiens

Going for Broke from Dale Wolfe

Goons from Tom Hackett

I Heart Bullies from Derek Baxter

Inconceivable from Joel Ashton McCarthy

Production from Michael Chen

Reapers from Dallas Harvey

Roadside Deadguys from Chris Lorenz

Snot Bubbles from Katia Truong

The New Romantics from Kelly Tatham

The Quiet Canadians from Anthony Epp

Tips from Steve Michell

Welcome to Surrey from Shyam Valera


Abracadavers from Morgan Ermter

Brewers Yeast from Cody Southgate

Burning All the Past Away from Doug Cook

Codependent Ghost Girl from Lindsey McNeill

Heartsong from Laura Seabrook

How to Learn Anything from Stephen Robinson

Magic Craft from Angela Seehagen

Mega Crimes Unit from Darren Harmon

Nerdvana: The Web Series from Tito Guillen

Otaku High from Eric Stroppel

Plight from Aaron Talbot

Rig Pigs from Sean McLennan

Victor from Lauren Tamke

Welcome to the Industry from Alicia Krawchuk

Youth in Decline from Michael Janke

• • •

STORYHIVE is a community-powered funding program that allows members of the community to influence what projects will receive funding from TELUS.

The program allows content creators in British Columbia and Alberta to submit their story ideas to an online public platform. The community then votes for the project that should receive funding and go into production.

NSI delivers training for the selected projects and their creators once they’re chosen through the STORYHIVE process. The public chooses 15 projects from content creators in British Columbia and 15 from Alberta.

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