The Agony of Obsolescence

A battle of wills threatens to thwart the conservative views of a single father who’s held on to his archaic ways for far too long.

Creative team

Writer/director: Meysam Motazedi
Producers: Sam Luk, Meysam Motazedi, Panthea Vatandoost, Soledad Vega

Filmmaker’s statatement

It’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact meaning of the film and it’s equally hard to try to distill it down to a single unifying theme, but my foremost aim is to draw attention to the plight of women in immigrant families.

In my heart of hearts, the wish has always been to depict the tragedy of being deprived of your most basic choices; to always have to play second fiddle to men.

I’m not interested in religious sentiments so I’ve tried my hardest to depict the characters in a way where competing desires – be it the desire to return home, to not lose control or to assert oneself – stem from a place of alienation as opposed to religious dogma.

About Meysam Motazedi

Meysam Motazedi

Meysam is an Iranian-born Canadian actor/filmmaker currently based in Vancouver.

As a writer/director, the underpinning of his work is based on the social and cultural examination of characters who dwell on the fringe of society. By extension, the theme of identity is also a prominent aspect of Meysam’s cinematic renditions.

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