After falling victim to the distractions surrounding him, one man makes a decision that sends him spiralling through the many stages of guilt and regret.

Unsure and alone, he struggles to find his own version of acceptance as life continues around him.

Creative team

Director: Jon Mann
Writers/producers: Jon Mann, Rob Ramsay

Filmmaker’s statement

I think I’d like for people to recognize that they are unable, or unwilling, to understand the pain Rob’s character is going through. I’ve always been intrigued by ‘heroes’ saying things like, “You would have done the same” or “Anyone would have done what I did.”

With Rearview, we tried to establish the same sort of mantra, but with an anti-hero. You really don’t know what you would do in this situation until you’re in it. I think the film will spark a lot of ‘what if…’ conversations.

About Jon Mann

Jon Mann

Jon Mann is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Fredericton, NB. After studying political science at Acadia University (2011), Jon studied screenwriting at the New York Film Academy (2013).

In 2011, Jon wrote the short documentary Drink ‘Em Dry, which premiered at Harvard University Law School in 2012, where he became the youngest guest speaker in the 375-year history of the university.

Drink ‘Em Dry was later nominated for best Canadian documentary at the 2012 Canadian Labour International Film Festival.

In 2014, Jon released his first feature film: Project Power. In October 2014, Jon delivered a TED Talk entitled Social Movements: How Jaws Explains the World.


  1. Pat

    Very tragic and well acted. In the end nobody wins, the victim, the driver, the families.

  2. Barbara Fullerton

    It’s impressive how much emotion is depicted in such a short period of time and with no dialogue. I am looking forward to Wolfville!

  3. Isabel Caverhil

    Very excited watching this…Nervous, anxious …really held my interest

  4. Kelly

    Emotion wrenching video. Truly captures the plethora of emotion one goes through after such tragedy (speaking from similar experience). Very very well done!

  5. Anne Caverhill

    This film was terrific. Made me feel anxious, terrified, scared and then horrified all in the short span of 10 mins. Really impressed.

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