Glory River

The struggle of a young man named Noah to play the game he loves against the incredible odds of an abusive mother and a town obsessed with winning.

Creative team

Writers: Blake McWilliam, Dylan Rhys Howard
Director: Blake McWilliam
Producers: Blake McWilliam, Dayna Sayer

Filmmaker’s statement

There’s this surreal underbelly to the hockey world that people are beginning to talk about, but that’s been going on, silently, for decades.

Guys like Theo Fleury and Patrick O’Sullivan (and others) are only now putting pen to page and writing about their experiences growing up playing hockey, and what they went through at the hands of their coach or their own father.

And those are just the NHLers who have the celebrity to sell their stories. How many others are out there? Every one of us knows one or two ourselves.

With Glory River I wanted to touch on that world and take a small glimpse into what it can be like.

I know there’s a lot more to tell. I’m looking forward to getting even deeper into that world with future projects I’m currently developing.

About Blake McWilliam

Blake McWilliam

Blake is an award-winning independent producer and director based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

His work has screened nationally and internationally, most recently at the 2015 Sundance and SXSW film festivals, among many others.

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