This Place I Hurt To Be

Clay drives out to the desert to retrieve his missing and delirious wife, Janey.

Out there, the couple’s only hope of saving their future is to confront their past. The desert hides nothing.

Creative team

Writer/director: Ayz Waraich
Producer: Judd L. Tilyard

Filmmaker’s statement

Basically I was given the opportunity to shoot a little project of my choosing with a small skeleton crew and a couple of actors.

The catch?

I only had a couple of hours to come up with something.

So I buckled down and just began writing. I had no idea what I was going for but I started typing anyway and something began to pour out of me.

Feelings of anger, love and frustration just found their way on to the page. When I was done, I only knew that I was very proud of it on a personal level, but not really aware what exactly it would mean to me in the months to come.

Then weeks later, I returned to Toronto … only to find out my marriage was ending and that my father was dying of cancer. Needless to say, I felt the wind knocked out of me.

It’s not what the film is literally about as it was designed to be open to interpretation, and hopefully means different things to different people as I had intended.

However, to me, this is a film about listening to one another before it’s too late.

About Ayz Waraich

Ayz Waraich

Ayz Waraich is a writer/director/producer from Toronto with a natural gift for universal storytelling and visual design.

Making films since the age of 23, Ayz wrote and directed the kinetic short film This Moment, which caught the attention of Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions and was selected for their top 10 short list – to then be officially invited to screen at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

Over the following years, Ayz founded Dimeworth Films and developed several projects as a producer.

He went on to write and direct the crime thriller White Red Panic, a short film that quickly became an internet sensation and led to Ayz signing with Silent R Management in Los Angeles.

He followed that up with another acclaimed short, This Place I Hurt To Be, which landed him on an internally-circulated list of directors to watch out for among agents and producers in Hollywood.

In 2010, Ayz developed and produced Neil Mackay’s feature-length action thriller Battleground which was sold and distributed internationally on DVD and BluRay the following year.

Currently, Ayz is in post production on his first feature film as a writer/director, To Our Bright White Hearts, and has also co-founded The Wild Machine, a Toronto-based production collective.

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