La Grange (The Barn)

A sweltering August in a remote community. Authorities and neighbours from the area search for a child who has gone missing.

Near the old family barnhouse, Jacinthe finds her son Kevin escaping into his imaginary world. The secret he will reveal to her will change their lives forever.

Creative team

Writer/director: Caroline Mailloux
Producer: Christine Falco

Filmmaker’s statement

It started out with a potent image that imposed itself in my mind: a boy finds a human skull in an old barn. This image did not stay, but the story was born and I wrote La Grange in one go.

It was as if this tale could not wait to emerge. La Grange is also a very personal film, using the background I grew up in and my childhood – although the story is, thankfully, completely fictive.

This is the latest film I’ve directed but it is the first scenario I wrote – a few years ago – and the one that allowed me to enter the field of filmmaking.

At Les films camera oscura, we knew it would not be an easy film to produce. Importantly, we didn’t want to risk losing out in quality in a film that I needed to be very precisely constructed, with a powerful atmosphere.

Finding sufficient funding for the project took a few years but the result is very close to what I imagined and wanted it to be, so it was worth the wait.

For me, La Grange is a film about anger: anger brewing for too long and with devastating consequences when it is finally unleashed.

But I leave you to your own impressions … and wish you a good viewing!

About Caroline Mailloux

Caroline Mailloux

La Grange is the third short film Caroline Mailloux has directed with Camera Oscura Films after obtaining her bachelors in cinema from the UQAM.

Her films Motel Pluton and Cher Dieu both enjoyed much success on the festival circuit, while Cher Dieu was purchased by TV5 and Shorts International.

A recipient of numerous writing and production grants, selected by SODEC for their prestigious workshops Atelier Grand Nord and Cours écrire ton court, Caroline is currently developing her first two feature‑length films.

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