Becoming Sophie

Sophie, a young freelance photographer, is devastated following the breakup with her first love Kyle – a straight and narrow academic who wants Sophie to give up photography to pursue a real job.

When the opportunity arises for Sophie to put her relationship with Kyle back together she realizes who her first love really is.

Creative team

Writers: Bex Whiting, Ashley Alexander
Director: Crystal Lowe
Producers: Ashley Alexander, Alisson Amigo, Sandy Sidhu

Director’s statement

Becoming Sophie is a project that is extremely important to me personally.

In my early twenties I fell into the trap of allowing my boyfriends’ every move to dictate my own path. I began to wonder how many other women had gone through the same thing.

After speaking to numerous women of all ages, I realized that I was not the only one. Many of us women based our lives around the men we loved, wanting to please them in any way we could, ultimately losing ourselves and our self worth.

Ironically, losing our own identity was what usually drove these men away from us, leaving us without the ‘man of our dreams’ as well as those beautiful qualities that made us unique in the first place.

Becoming Sophie is a film that I wish I could have seen in my past: a cautionary tale of what can happen if you forget to love and embrace yourself.

Working with an all-female producing team really added to my experience as a director, as this was a story that we all related to and, more importantly, all felt the need to tell. It was collaboration at its best.

My hope is that Becoming Sophie can touch the lives of those who watch it and encourage them to follow their own path.

About Crystal Lowe

Crystal Lowe

Crystal Lowe is no stranger to the film and television community. She has been a professional actress in Vancouver, Canada for more than 17 years. Not only as a captivating rising star but also as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand ‘Scream Queens’ and sought after sci-fi heroines. Crystal has established a strong history of credits in film and TV.

Her most recent credits include: Signed Sealed Delivered: Hallmark’s newest original series where she plays Rita Haywith and SYFY’s Primeval: New World, where Crystal played ‘Toby Nance,’ a young physic’s prodigy.

She also starred in A Little Bit Zombie, Killer Mountain, Yeti: Curse of The Snow Demon, Wrong Turn 2, Black Christmas, Snakes On A Plane, Masters of Horror, Scary Movie 4, Final Destination 3 and the list goes on!

Crystal began her entrepreneurial career at the young age of 18. Her first business was a modelling company named Crystal Models which she successfully ran from 2000-2003 before selling it and moving on to her next venture.

Utilizing her creative and organizational skills, she went on to open Hummingbird Events. This event-planning company gave Crystal the perfect outlet to design and manage events. Having an event-planning company provided her with the perfect umbrella to produce her own events and shows while still managing clients. Crystal went on to produce one of Vancouver’s most talked about cabaret-style theatre productions entitled Sneaky Kiki’s Girlesque which she toured across Canada.

In 2010, Crystal took her entrepreneurial skills and opened Hyde – a trendy and exciting new restaurant in SOMA, a Vancouver area known for its up-and-coming artists and musicians. Crystal’s main focus was to give artists like herself an opportunity to display art, perform live shows and meet other industry professionals. Hyde offers live music, comedy and live art shows weekly.

Having recently sold her restaurant, Crystal will be using her business skills to further her passion. She is now focusing on the development and production of her own TV series and is making her directorial debut with Becoming Sophie.

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