Mature Young Adults

15-year-olds Jon and Caitlin imagine in vivid detail what disasters may occur if they were to lose their heads, follow their hearts and finally kiss.

Creative team

Writer: Wesley J. Colford
Director: Kent Nolan
Producer: Katherine Barrell

Filmmaker’s statement

I have rewritten the beginning of this section several times, not knowing where to begin. With the cruelest irony, the journey of this film about love and joy has been filled with tremendous heartbreak. Our director, Kent Nolan, passed away two weeks after we finished filming in September 2014. He was 24.

Here is the film of a young director who was only beginning to spread his wings.

However, it seems this last work was the perfect final expression of Kent, for its messages are those by which he lived his life: live every moment with unbridled passion, the best place to get lost in is your own imagination, and follow your heart towards what you love most for it will never lead you wrong.

Mature Young Adults is adapted from a beautiful play of the same name by Canadian playwright Wesley J. Colford. From the start it was always our plan to turn this charming story of first love into a feature film. I will continue that dream until it is made so.

About Kent Nolan

Kent Nolan

Born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, Kent Nolan was an actor and filmmaker.

Kent began studying drama, dance and voice in theatre when he was just five years old, eventually moving into film by age 12.

At 16 Kent wrote and directed his first award-winning short film: a thriller entitled Presage which led to a love of filmmaking.

After he graduated high school, Kent took a break from directing and moved to Toronto to train in classical acting at the prestigious George Brown Theatre School.

In 2013, Kent wrote, directed and co-produced the short film Issues for bravoFACT. His second bravoFACT film was Mature Young Adults, a romantic coming-of-age story.

At the time of his passing, Kent was hard at work creating the script for his would-be first feature film, Portent, which he called an “horrifically dark comedy.”

Kent said some of his career highlights included working with Terry Gilliam, John N. Smith and Jennifer and David Lynch, as well as starring in the feature Stage Fright by Sundance award winner Jerome Sable.

Kent passed away very suddenly two weeks after filming Mature Young Adults. The film was completed by his producing partner, Katherine Barrell. Katherine is continuing its development into a feature film as her and Kent had planned and dreamed of doing from the beginning.

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  1. Yakobo Yanga

    A resplendent short film. Sorry to hear of Kent’s passing. I hope you get the feature to honour his memory. He would have made an amazing filmmaker.

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