Pine Pinchers

A camera crew documents two grave robbers as they exhume corpses for riches, all the while tiptoeing around the moral ambiguity of their trade.

Creative team

Writers: Dayleigh Nelson, Hunter R. Hennigar
Director: Hunter R. Hennigar
Producers: Katelyn Dorothy Mann, Hunter R. Hennigar

Filmmaker’s statement

I love creating universes and expanding on them in subtle ways. This was the method I took with when filming Pine Pinchers.

Exploring the intricacies of friendships, be it how two different beings become so close or why some folks put so much stock in keeping relationships alive, is a theme that interests me. This is a theme I believe is at the heart of this film.

Pine Pinchers helped me prove that I could take a step up from the sketch comedy shorts I had been part of and focus on a project that was more methodical and ambitious. Although, I still wanted to keep the grit and the freedom that had been prominent on those sets.

Pine Pinchers is a film I am profoundly proud of, but it isn’t just my film. So many others pitched in and joined together to make something we all had fun with, and believed in. In my opinion that is what filmmaking should be, an enjoyable collaboration.

Have a ball watching it because I sure as heck did making it.

About Hunter R. Hennigar

Hunter R. Hennigar

Born and raised in Ottawa, Hunter took an interest in film and writing at a young age.

Moving to the West Coast to pursue a career in the film industry, he began to work on sets in the Vancouver area. Such sets included: Fringe, Arctic Air, Seventh Son and other various feature films and television series.

Now focusing on his own writing and filmmaking, he regularly contributes to online sketch comedy group Motion Radio.

He is also preparing to film a co-written full-length feature in the fall, Gord.


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