Ms. Thing

An emotionally volatile urban lesbian is looking for love in all the wrong places until she finds it in an unusual package.

Creative team

Writer: Mette Bach
Director: Karen X. Tulchinsky
Producer: Claire Queree

Filmmaker’s statement

Ms. Thing began as a conversation about relationships I was having with my friend Mette Bach. At the time she argued if all our needs could be met by a robotic device we wouldn’t need relationships. It was a cynical view, but as we continued to talk we came up with the comedic idea of a mechanical hand that could be purchased online to take the place of a lover. I liked the idea so much, I encouraged Mette to write it as a short screenplay and Ms. Thing was born,

Mette had our lead actor, Melanie Bray, in mind as she wrote the script. I cast the other parts and pulled together a production team, composer, sound designer, art director and editor.

Because I have worked as a story editor, writer and director on numerous Vancouver-based television series, I was able to call on professional colleagues I had worked with as crew and key creatives so, though we had little funds, we had an amazingly talented cast and crew.

I had no funding other than a credit card. It was the amazing creative talents of the cast and crew that made Ms. Thing the film it is.

Since funding was so low, I decided to go low tech with the special effects using old fashioned methods. Other than one visual effect created in post by the colorist, all other effects are mechanical and were created in consultation with Jamie Allen (property master), Ken Boesem (art director), Dianne Whelan (DOP) and myself.

Ms. Thing is a comedy so, though we worked hard during prep and production, I made sure it was a fun, lighthearted set. We laughed a lot. Sometimes so much that we had to redo a take or two.

Including this festival, Ms. Thing has screened in 53 film festivals internationally including screenings in Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Hamburg, Sicily, Slovenia, Athens, South Africa, Ireland, Barcelona, Toronto, Vancouver and Mumbai.

About Karen X. Tulchinsky

Karen X. Tulchinsky

Karen X. Tulchinsky is a graduate of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre and Women in the Director’s Chair program at the Banff Centre.

A writer and director, her short comedy Ms. Thing, has screened in over 50 film festivals internationally including screenings in Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, South Africa and India. It won the audience choice award at QueerFruits Australia.

She has written numerous feature-length screenplays several of which are currently in development including I Shot the Sheriff, which will be directed by acclaimed director Clement Virgo (The Book of Negroes). She has been a writer, story editor and director on many television series including The Guard (Global), Robson Arms (CTV) and Kink (Showcase TV).

She’s the award-winning author of The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky, a novel set in 1930s Toronto, which won the One Book One Vancouver Prize in 2008, was a Toronto book award finalist and was named one of the top 10 books about Toronto by the Toronto Star, on a list which included Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje.

Karen is a storyteller who is passionate to give voice to people and communities who have often been silenced. She is currently prepping a new short film, set in the queer community, and is writing a new novel about resistance, set between 1933 and 1948.


  1. Kathy Atkins

    Thank you Karen, I love this film. In fact I wish it was longer. I’ll just have to watch it over and over!

  2. I love this! Kudos on a fab, hilarious, visually beautiful film!

  3. Jeannine

    Such a “Thing” is like “poetry in motion” ! Well done Karen 👍

  4. gratitudeisaboutreceiving

    This is hysterical! I love it!

  5. This deserves a big hand! Okay, a bigger hand?

  6. Thank you, Karen! So great to watch this again :)) I’m more than proud to be part of the team. xo

  7. Congratulations Karen. This is hilarious. I think every woman would want one – and a relationship. :) Carolyn

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