Garbage Day

Beaten down at work and exhausted by his bachelor lifestyle, Brad White discovers that living in his own filth isn’t as amazing as it used to be.

Creative team

Writers/producers: Matt King, Laurence Payne, Andrew Ferguson
Director: Brooks Gray

Filmmakers’ statement

This film is meant to address the creeping dread a person feels as middle age approaches and life unfolds predictably from one banality to another.

The protagonist is not necessarily depressed or angry but merely numbed by the drudgery of routine and the petty demands of feeding and clothing one’s self.

After a lifetime of passivity he finally takes matters into his own hands.

About Brooks Gray

Brooks Gray

Brooks Gray is a two-time Gemini Award winner and a Canadian Screen Award nominee.

His first film, an experimental animation project The Smoker, won the audience choice award at the McGill Students’ Film & Video Festival.

He later joined the comedy collective Skitfaced, writing, producing and appearing in dozens of comedy shorts. As a producer and director at MuchMusic, Brooks created award-winning promos (PromaxBDA Gold, 2005), station IDs, show openings and animated shorts.

Brooks wrote and directed an episode of the Gemini Award-winning The Morgan Waters Show (CBC) and later joined Waters on IFC’s mock-rockumentary series Cock’d Gunns as a writer, producer and co-star (playing drummer Barry Ciccarelli), winning two Geminis (Best Writing In A Comedy Series; Best Ensemble Performance In A Comedy Series).

He has appeared as a regular cast member on the hidden-camera series Scare Tactics (Syfy) and was showrunner on the hidden-camera series Prank Science (Discovery).

More recently, Brooks co-wrote/co-directed and starred (as Reverend Dave) in The Amazing Gayl Pile, a comedy series on the YouTube channel Jash (founded by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts). The second season of The Amazing Gayl Pile is in post-production and season three will debut in 2016.

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