Home Away

A resilient, yet vulnerable, pregnant girl desperately looks for a home after her family disowns her.

Creative team

Writer/director: Hannah Yohannes
Producer: Tara Woodbury

Filmmaker’s statement

Home Away is based on true events that occurred in my personal life. I wanted to share this vulnerable turning point in my life to inspire those who feel hopeless and voiceless and advocate for them – especially young parents.

I want to thank Temple Street Productions, Team Seven, City Life Film Project and The Remix Project for being so supportive of [my] vision [for Home Away] and for giving me a chance to be the filmmaker that I am today.

Special gratitude goes to my Home Away family (my mentors, cast and crew) who brought their essence and spirit to transform a simple script into a magical masterpiece. What you see in Home Away is a result of the love and energy of the film’s team and God’s grace.

About Hannah Yohannes

Hannah Yohannes

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia of Eritrean descent, Hannah Yohannes is an award-winning film director and screenwriter. Hannah’s love for film started at the age of five when her father used to bring Disney movies home such as The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Her work has been featured in numerous film festivals worldwide such as the Sarasota Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival and Reel World Film Festival to name a few.

Hannah is currently a participant at Canada’s first digital tech program for youth called Tech Spark. She is also working on a new series called unSCENE and writing her debut novel, Home Away, based on her short film.

Her best creations of all time are her two children, Samuel and Denise, and her proudest accomplishment in film is directing her critically-acclaimed short film, Home Away, while nine months pregnant.

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