Twenty-two-year old Steven Playford recounts what it was like to grow up without his biological mother.

Creative team

Director/producer: Jesse McCracken

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was made over a couple days in the spring of 2013 with Steven. He lived with my family for a number of years and has become my brother, and we made this together out of some recorded conversations we had about his life.

I made it with the intention of bringing a lot of unspoken things out in to the open between us and as a type of therapy.

About Jesse McCracken

Jesse McCracken

Jesse McCracken is a director and cinematographer based out of Toronto. He mostly shoots documentary, fiction and music videos.

His work has screened at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival twice: Chance Encounters (2011, cinematographer) and Steve (2014, director).

He is currently in production on his first feature documentary Motel.

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  1. Betty Ann Playford

    I am Steven”s biological mother. Jess has done a wonderful job documenting Stevens life in foster care. I’m VERY grateful for the love and understanding that Jess & his family gave to my son. Grateful that he was placed in a foster home that was so loving AND SAFE. Without that live and acceptance Steven may not have become the wonderful young man that he is today! Thank you McCracken family as well as the other two loving families that fostered my other two boys, Stevens younger brothers Shayne and Brandon-James, my gratitude and appreciation is eternal! God Bless! Jesse… you are a very talented young man, may all your hard work and talent make your dreams come true!

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