A single mother immigrates to America to give her son a better life. But will his quick assimilation leave her behind?

Creative team

Writer/director: Amanda Quaid
Producer: Adam Bradley

Filmmaker’s statement

English is based on an interview I did with Polish immigrant Irena Zawadzka.

Irena described the bittersweet experience of watching her young children effortlessly assimilate into American culture. I was moved by the trepidation, hope and, ultimately, profound love that ran through her story as she described working on her English to keep up with their progress.

As so often happens in immigrant families, the children become, in a sense, the teacher.

In my film, I wanted to portray an aspect of the immigrant experience that is deeply personal while exploring the universal tension between autonomy and belonging.

About Amanda Quaid

Amanda Quaid

Amanda Quaid is an actor and filmmaker from New York.

She is currently working on a series of short films about modern immigrant life which can be seen at americanvoicesproject.com.

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