Playground Rhapsody

A little boy finds love at the playground but then loses it and falls into a depression that leads him to do something drastic.

Creative team

Writer/director: Niren Bhavanani
Co-producers: Advait Gupt, Akshat Gupt

Filmmaker’s statement

Playground Rhapsody was initially conceived as a short script idea at the Vancouver Film School. After graduating, I felt confident enough to send it in to the Slamdance Screenwriting competition 2013, where it made it into the quarter-finals. I eventually approached the wonderful team at Supari Studios led by Advait and Akshat Gupt to help translate the script onto the screen.

I had always envisioned the film to be a visual experience aided only by a soundtrack which suited the tone of the film.

We worked extensively with Anuj, our extremely talented cinematographer, to come up with specific colour palettes and balanced framing.

We shot over three days in Mumbai using a Canon 1D-C at 4K resolution – it really gave the film beautiful tones to work with.

Casting was extremely essential and we were very fortunate to work with both Eshaan and Diya, talented kids who brought in the maturity required for the roles.

About Niren Bhavanani

Niren Bhavanani

After working for several years in advertising film production in Mumbai, Niren went to the Vancouver Film School to pursue screenwriting.

He is currently based in Toronto and is working as a freelance screenwriter and director.

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