Got someone on your team ready to leap to series producer/showrunner?

NSI Lifestyle & Reality Series Producer is an advanced training course focusing on the specific skills required to become a lifestyle or reality series producer.

We’ve run the course for the past two years with companies including Architect Films, Big Coat Productions, Buck Productions, Cellar Door Productions, Cineflix Productions, Frantic Films, Paperny Entertainment, Peace Point Entertainment, Peacock Alley Entertainment, Proper Television, RTR Media and Temple Street Productions.

But we want to know if there’s still a need for this course.

Do you have someone on your team who you think is ready to become a series producer/showrunner? Note: you must have a TV series in development with a Canadian broadcaster.

To discuss how this training opportunity might work for your company, contact NSI’s director of programming Brendon Sawatzky at or 204-957-8480.

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