In the midst of a divorce, a 40-year-old woman suddenly finds herself longing to connect with her Asian roots any way she can.

Problem is she’s only a quarter Chinese. Does that count?

Creative team

Writer/producer: Precious Chong
Director: Sandra Battaglini

Filmmaker’s statement

“Sandra and I were driving in my Honda when I told her about a script I had written about a woman who was trying to connect with her Chinese roots even though she’s only a quarter Chinese.

‘That sounds hilarious, let’s make it!’

And so we did. We used actors we knew, real people from our ‘hood, begged, borrowed and stole locations.

Henry Samson, who is a great DP, made it look like a real movie in spite of our small budget, and Zach Gayne, our editor (aka our secret weapon), captured the exact tone of awkward humor we were striving for.” – Precious Chong

About Sandra Battaglini

Sandra Battaglini

Sandra Battaglini is an award winning stand-up comic, actor/writer and makes her directorial debut with Chinatown.

She is the 2013 Canadian comedy award winner for her solo show, Classy Lady, directed by Phil Luzi which premiered in Toronto in 2012.

Past performances include Hard Headed Woman (Canadian comedy award winner 2007), Small Battalion of Soldiers (Canadian comedy award nomination).

She’s toured with Yuk Yuks and Absolute Comedy and co-hosts one of Toronto’s most alternative comedy nights, Family Slides with Phil Luzi.

Sandra will appear in David Cronenberg’s upcoming feature, Maps to the Stars.


  1. Jodi Pape

    loved it Precious!!!! Loved your burning need to go back to your one quarter I get older I feel the need to go to Poland and find the village my grandmother came from…even though I don’t know the name of it, I long to find people who look like me….this longing is real….and sad and part of the puzzle……good for you….divorce is a beginning as well as an end… you!!!MAMABEAR JODI xox

  2. lou

    Sooo good…make it a feature….

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